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how to mod PSO with Noesis and Blender

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Finally did it

You all can download it from there
i tried to do the eyes and more but i sucked and it does not look like the Art of the Guild Clerk at all.
This is the maximum i can do.

Now i'm gonna do principal tyrell or the 2 secretairies



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Nurse in progress
Since the outfit is full body without a 3d model in it, i will do the same
(basically the outfit will be the body)
Thights, ass & underwear will be made
Also the boots will be made without feets
The arms will end at the mid of the gloves

i will find a way to make the hair but don't get your hopes up, i haven't learned about the bevels yet

it will take time but i will succeed
have fun!
(about the eyes, maybe i will be able to make them or maybe not)

nurse concept art.png



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update on the nurse remodel
as i said: no inner body except for the ass & thights 
The back is a little weird
The face i do it late, it's hard to make for some reason

nurse redesign back view 1.JPG

nurse redesign front 1.JPG

nurse redesign sideboobs 1.JPG

nurse redesign underboobs 1.JPG

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another update
i messed up her back..i think.
will have to adjust the back soon. 
 the circles are the skirts guides since the nurse skirt is so janky
i dunno if the skirt gonna be like a form fitting chinese dress or a simple short skirt.
i dunno if the ass delicious crack should be visible too.
as you can see, i'm leaving the face for later since it's the hardest part (i only have made an outline)

for a long time, i,ve diving throught the rabbit hole of Qanon, and all the stuff about aliens, how the annunaki created us, the secret governement projects, secret bases, ect.
that's why i was inactive for almost 6 months on PSO BB and on the remodeling thing
bought a bible recently and i'm gonna reaserch about the annunakis names & stuff (the nephilim in the bible are the annunakis, so is "lucifer" & all the people who defected with him)
God is an annunaki
pretty crazy stuff.

keep a eye out for "new" tech like hypersonic planes, NASA projects (like a space submarine to explore the icy water moon ceres) or even diamond batteries that last 5000 years
it's all technology made the DUMBs (Deep military Underground bases) and used by the military in outer space with their spaceships (no it's no a joke)
Now, since Trump came in office, all of the hidden tech is coming out to the everyday consumers
Like Quantum computers for everybody or even flying cars with antigravity or even wireless electricity
everything in sci fi movies is real and has been tested/done in deep underground bases
I kind of forgot how much days, weeks and monthsi i've been diving into that.
sorry if everything seems slow
i,m busy learning the truth about everything because history is lie, the media, politics, music, games, movies, porn, fluoride, ect is the matrix used to control us and once you learn things you can't stop digging since it's the truth is so amazing
be careful about the new world order
with the quarantine & all the new rules imposed on us worldwide, we are on a trial sessions of it and it's not cool

i'm working on a 25x times wooden model of the model kit Eva unit 01 Rare Grade

doing the horn, it's super big
like, yuge

i be showing a photo of the model kit horn & the wooden horn i'm cutting form a bed frame leg my dad took home

on another note, i seriously hope i don't crash people computers with my remodels X_X  > _ <

bad back 2.JPG

bad back.JPG


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