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my items are all wrong and takes forever to get in

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Got on to play some event.

seen bewbs is now a "minecraft costume"

my cent/battle is now a "trap/search"

my cent/ability turned into a "friendship ring"

my hell laser is mia. totally. (not a big part, but annoying.) 


I've invested time and enjoyed this server, but this is insane.

only played on one character. afraid to even get on the others. with the 10 minute log in time too. figure im gunna try to reload it tomorrow and hope for the best. if not it'd be cool to reach a GM so I can keep my progress.

42187959 guild card

Ringhuntrr: character slot 2 (I believe)

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I had the same issue the other day, ran the game launcher and updated the game. All my items were fixed. I had a few dark falz in my inventory before lol.

Today has been really slow logging in for some reason, wasn't like this yesterday. I think once you get in, it'll be fine. Just gotta wait a bit atm.

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dope. did it let you summon falz and kill her for Red Ring (since your Whitel) XD



I got in after I did the launcher update and still same issue. wrong named stuff and stepped in forest to confirm. (tried them out) cent/battle did casual shot, not sure what it is now

Gonna hit Soly up on this one.

I'd do more tonight but darn work comes early and I rocked out to 2 hours off hh before tryin the patch trick and running into long load addition.

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I didn't test them out lol, was worried it would make things janky. But sure totally 

You could try redownloading the launcher entirely? If not, best wait for Soly or someone who knows a bit more.

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@Noob Saibot

I'll have to give that a shot when I get off work. Definitely hope it fixes it.

Also, on the subject of getting in slow. Prior to update. I ran client instead of launcher. It let me log in normally. (Quick

Curious if it's a faulty logging file added. 

(Just my 2 cents, I'm don't code though)

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