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centurión tech- 5pds

soul booster x1 50pds each 

berserk raygun 0/40/0/35/50- 7pds

agent k costume- 40pds

photon booster x1- 25pds

proof of Sonic team x2- 60pds each 

Arrest raygun 0/0/0/45/50- 7pds

last swan 0/30/35/50- 15pds

rainbow baton 0/0/0/30/50- 10pds

bringers arms x3- 5pds each 

charge raygun 50/0/50/0/50- 10pds

yasminkov 3000r (Hell) 0/0/0/0/70- 50dts or 400pds

glide divine v00 0/0/20/0/25- 15pds

glide divine V00 0/0/25/15- 15pds

glide divine V00 0/45/0/0- 15pds

sues coat x1- 10pds each 

centurión mind x2- 10pds each 

wedding dress 64/100 28/40- 99pds

ashura mag cell x5- 4pds each 

sred arms x1- 10pds each 

Hell j cutter (hell special)- 99pds

Nemesis needle (zalure)- 15dts 120pds

first come first served.

will be updating with more eventually.




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I'll buy the following

Blue black stone

red ring 0/85 0/25- 70pds

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