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Hucast Suggestions

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Hey all I'm doing my first Hucast and I'm having some issues trying to make my way up to Ultimate difficulty. 

I'm level 104 and need to level up and gear up some. However all the good gear is in Ultimate so I've kind of hit the wall. 

If anyone could give an order of my priorities for gear to start making my way in Ultimate that would be great.

Current Gear:


   Chain Sawd - no hit

   Diska of Braveman - 30 hit

   Charge Repeater 45 hit

   L&K - 30 hit

   Daylight Scar - 30 hit

Red Coat 4 slots (have Black Hound and BOVN in the bank but can't equip yet)

      - V101, V501, Cent/Luck, God/Arm

Regenerate Gear B.P.

Sato 160 Power, 40 Dex (also currently working on a dex main mag for Ult)

Thanks in advance for insights :)



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I'm in the same situation with a Hucast too and was about to make a similar topic.

I just got to ultimate for the first time and I feel like I'm in a tough spot where everything I want is deep in Ultimate difficulty. I'm currently wearing 4 God/Arms, haven't found a single rare armor or shield yet. It feels like my best weapon is a Vulcan with hit% I bought from the shop.

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With green name currently ON, you can try to hunt:

  • Heavenly/Arms for units :image.thumb.png.7856551bd8a8c0ec131a0c3c822391b1.png


  • Guard Wave (Pal Rappy, Greenill, Ep1, Ultimate) or (Green Slimes, Oran, Ep4, Ultimate) if you are between lv 101 et 152
  • Aura Field (Mil Lily, Oran, Ep2, Ultimate) if you are more than lv 152
  • Addslots (Mil lily, Redria, Ep2, Normal) very easy to find
  • Standstill Shield (Mil Lily, Virida, Ep2, Ultimate) for shield

It's all easy items to find, when you're done with this you will be able to hit and defend yourself quite well (even if nothing replace a good manual evasion)

A good mechgun with hit is very good on a Hucast! (And Psycho Raven is holy) You have the highest ATP, mechguns make the most of it, with hit you can even balance your poor ATA.

If you can, try to join a Ultima Reaper hunt, you will have a good melee weapon. Or a PoD hunt to find a Girasole, both weapon are good, and complementary. It's probably the best for you in this event as a Hucast, because Banana Cannon is for FO and Chromatic, though being a very good item, will be very hard to hunt, tower is a much more difficult area then the others for players without very good gear.

All in all, have faith! Hucast is a (the) very powerfull class, you can be very usefull with it (use, abuse of trap, and just that will make you a good companion)


Good luck!

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Start spending considerable resources, funds, using "connections", friends and time to acquire the following weapons:

Red Sword/Crimson Sword


(Lame D'Argent) Excalibur/100 Souls Sword

(Sealed J-Sword)Tsumikiri J-Sword

Laconium Axe

(Dragon Slayer) Sil Dragon Slayer


(Agito - 1975 model) Orotiagito

(Monkey King Bar) Black King Bar

Girasole/Inferno Girasole

Power Glove


Lavis Cannon/Lavis Blades/Double Cannon

Ultima Reaper

...and during Christmas you can earn a PGF (and find a good Calibur sword with perfect stats) to get...   DARK FLOW

Above all, try to get as much hit on the weapons as possible, HUs need all they can get.


Hope this helps, good luck!



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Casts can't equip Aura Field, but luckily you have decent alternatives already.
As mentioned above, you'll want a v502, x2 heavenly arms, and a smartlink if you go with BOVN. or x1 h/arms + x1 heart container.

These are good weapons for HUcast:
Bombchu, Drill Launcher,
HIT--- Egg Blaster MK2, Asteron Striker, Sil Dragon Slayer/Crimson Sword/Tsumikiri J Sword/Dark Flow, Ultima Reaper, hit Black King Bar/Girasole, and Dual Birds/Psycho Ravens.
I can give you a high dfp Standstill Shield, minor 5h Crimson Sword or Ultima Reaper, 30h Demolition Comet, and a S Red Arm you can turn into a shifts/deband dagger. 
Join room B>HIT MR

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