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Glide Divine, Glide Divine v00, Magical Piece, Psycho Wand, Merc Rod, Lindcray, Master Sword, Banana Cannon, Samba's Fiesta or TypeME/Mechguns with Demon, Excalibur/Hundred Souls, Hylian Shield/Three Seals, Red Ring/any RR costume, Mother Garb+, Samurai Armor, Kroe's Sweater (if female fo), Godric's Cloak (if fomar), and that's all that comes to mind at the moment

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44 minutes ago, jnorland101 said:


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Godrics cloak, blood sword/excal/100souls (at least 1 of them), crush cannon, lindcray, samba fiesta, rage de glace , banna cannon

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Depends on how you want to play. 


  1. Glide Divine
  2. Rico's Parasole
  3. Mother Guard+
  4. Guardian Angel Costume (or really any of the first 3 costume cycle)
  5. v801

Battle Fo:

  1. Samba Fiesta if you can find them otherwise Demon TypeME/Mechguns if you can find those, otherwise Slicer of Fantastic
  2. Banana Cannon can be really helpful
  3. Lindcray
  4. Hundred Souls if you can get one, otherwise Excaliber
  5. Centurion\Battle

Nuker: (I don't know this role very well)

  1. Psycho wand (or that family)
  2. Mercerious Scepter
  3. Hylian Shield (or Three Seals)
  4. I think there are elemental cloaks, but I forgot their names
  5. Adept
  6. v801
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