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Mini Event- Cyane and the lost song

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Congrats to Mayte for getting it first!


-Any other things I remember I'll add later, bands like N'sync, backstreet boys, etc were popular at that time.

-The song was in English but I couldn't understand a word since I didn't knew English at the time

-Might add me mumbling the song since i still remember a little bit of it, that constantly plays in my head (and doesn't go away)



I can't die without listening this music again please help!

Good searches!

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Saving spot for more clues/solving any questions

You can submit multiple youtube videos preferably, after every 3-4 replies I'll say something to the peoples that replied before.

You can ask questions about it I'll do the best I can to do my monkeys start working and get me some replies.

It ends when the song is found, or if it takes too long I'll raffle the names instead.

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