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KajeX Summer Meme Event


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couple more for fun




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Posting only for hit% category. Don't plan on making a real FO any time soon so might as well let the actual FO lovers submit for the TP category. :-D GL everyone!

Hit submissions go here:


Good first start. :onion107:

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Does it need to be a well-known meme adapted for Ultima? Or can it be a new one in the style of every other meme on the internet? (Picture with impact font)

As long as it pertains to the categories (ultima weapons, ultima events) in some way, you're good to go. Use your creativity to come up with something in any style. It doesn't have to be like any that have already been created.

Mostly I made the specific category rules so that no one would jack memes from other websites to cheat. ;) There are so many past events and past items that we've released, you should have lots of choices on categories. I hope this answers your question.

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