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"Gallon's Shop" Quest

Found on Ep. 2 at Hunter's Guild under Shop -> Gallon's Shop

No prereq's, any difficulty.

Hey guys, couldn't find the song titles anywhere or what they sounded like so here it is!

(They cost 10,000 meseta each)

NOTE: If you walk into shops or out, or change areas, your music changes and you lose the DISK music you put on!

These stack and will change the music for all gamers in the same area.

DISK Vol.1 "Wedding March"-------------------(silly/wtf, guitar/singing)
DISK Vol.2 "Day Light"---------------------------(total pso login music)
DISK Vol.3 "Burning Rangers"------------------(jazz/blues, chorus -buurrrning raaangerr! xD)
DISK Vol.4 "Open Your Heart"------------------(feel my body!)
DISK Vol.5 "Live & Learn"-----------------------(totally from sonic adventure! xD)
DISK Vol.6 "NiGHTS"-----------------------------(girls singing in cute harmony)
DISK Vol.7 "Ending Theme (Piano ver.)"-----(too soft to hear, nice tho xD)
DISK Vol.8 "Heart to Heart"---------------------(Japanese pop! wOOt!)
DISK Vol.9 "Strange Blue"----------------------(tra la laa, dance/techno) ><
DISK Vol.10 "Reunion System"----------------(epic techno)
DISK Vol.11 "Pinnacles"-------------------------(fantasy techno)
DISK Vol.12 "Fight inside the Spaceship"---(digital guitar)

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As a note... usually if you ask a GM for them, you can get a big stack ;) ...specially Kajex.

Disk 1 is the wedding (troll) disk, as you can tell by your description xD

Disk 4 is some other not so troll disk that still gets changed from time to time....

If you wanna annoy ppl, get those :)

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