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December Long Event.

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Christmas is full of good presents here in Ultima

starting from the 10th of December

Special drop for bosses St Rappy will be here xD

St.Rappy can be found in ep2 in Temple , is a rappy with Santa Claus dress LMAO

Here is the drops for the bosses.


  • Gal Gryphon Ultimate:
  • Special Drop:Tablet Mag cell
  • BarbaRay Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: L&K38 Combat
  • Gol Dragon Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: Book Of Katana 1
  • Saint Million Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: ***Galatine
  • Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:
  • Special Drop: Valkyrie
  • Kondrieu Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: ***Girasole.
  • Ragol Dragon Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: Ragol Ring
  • De Rol Le/Da Rai Le Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: HoneyComb Reflector.
  • Vol Opt v2 Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: Epsiguard
  • Dark Fallz Ultimate:
  • Special Drop: Df Shield


  • Gal Gryphon V.hard:
  • Special Drop:Harisan Fan
  • BarbaRay V.hard:
  • Special Drop: Puyo Mag cell
  • Gol Dragon V.hard:
  • Special Drop:Murasame
    Saint Million V.hard:
  • Special Drop: Rambling May
  • Shambertim[Point Of Disaster]:
  • Special Drop: Tension Blaster
  • Kondrieu V.Hard:
  • Special Drop: Valkyrie
    Ragol Dragon V.Hard:
  • Special Drop:Green ring
  • De Rol Le/Da Rai Le V.hard:
  • Special Drop:Broom
  • Vol Opt v2 V.Hard
  • Special Drop: Red/Yellow/Blue Merge
  • Dark Fallz V.Hard:
  • Special Drop:Daisy Chain

The special drop for the bosses will end the day January/1/2010 (excluding P. Gen Flow)

And the most waited Item Parasite Gen Flow

Olga flow will be dropping this Item , only for 1 weekend of December.

P.GenFlow date: Starting from Dec-25 - ending Dec-28

Drops are not 1/1 so don't start posting "the items is not dropping , help here " ore anything like that .

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are you gonna change that dark meteor cane combo?

great are you gonna boost dark meteor XD? then i need to search for a arms 60 hit XD

Have the quality or rate of drops from things other than bosses been changed? I seem to be having MUCH more luck today... In the first room I entered on VR Temple Alpha, I found Megid 24 and 4 Power Materials from the boxes. :P Of course, in the next room a sneaky Ob Lily shot me in the butt with Megid Spit and killed me... :rolleyes:

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EDIT: Wow, I should really learn to read before I speak. Sorry.

On another note, props for adding Girasole to the drops. I've been wondering when that would become available. :)

EDIT #2: Question, Does section ID matter at all concerning these new boss drops? And also, as you said the drop rates are not 1/1, so what are they? :P

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sorry i been busy in the work , i will update the drops ASAP.

again sorry.

Just curious, mate. Take your time. I appreciate all the time and effort you put into running the server, let alone to put on special events for us. :onion-head11:

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