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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Long time PSO/PSOBB fan/player here, coming to join this server because I can't remember my login info on another server that is less populated. I just got rid of my Windows 10 install and managed to get this to run on Kubuntu, the only issue so far is that I am having trouble getting the launcher to run which means I am unable to adjust the settings of the game. Is anyone experienced with getting the launcher to run in a non-windows environment? I've tried adding it into playonlinux but it keeps crashing. I've installed the framework in wine but it still isn't working. Any one have any suggestions? I can provide any info you may need. Currently, the game runs fine if I run it by psobb.exe but the graphics are bad due to low resolution and I am unable to adjust the settings. I set window mode to off via wine-regedit to see if fullscreen works with my resolution, but I haven't tested it yet. Any ideas? Currently, no launcher.log is being produced -- either. Any ideas?
  2. Issue: Launcher refuses to >start the game< if vJoy is active. Description: When I click "Start Game" on the launcher, it opens a black screen and a popup with the following error message: The launcher can "start the game" if Vjoy is disabled. The launcher can also "start the game" if the file 'dinput8.dll' isn't on the program's folder. I found two clunky workaround solutions to this problem: Either disable Vjoy before "starting the game", then re-enable it once it's running. (Warning: while using win7, if a "User Account Control" window pops up while the game is running, the game will stop working for some reason). Or remove the file 'dinput8.dll' from the game folder in order to be able to start the game, then return it later. (But I'm not sure if this can cause other issues).
  3. Hello, I'm PSO player since around 2002 (in DreamCast). My main computer runs the game normally, but the secondary computer is having issues (I will teach my friend to play) It is a clean XP 32 install, just installed drivers, AV and PSO. Launcher simply does not launch, it gives an error soon as launched: "Aplicativo não inicializado corretamente (0x0000135). Clique em ok para finalizar a execução" kinda: "Application was not correctly initialized (error code), click ok to end the execution". Launching psobb.exe is weird. Sometimes it simply gives an error "O psobb.exe encontrou um erro e precisa ser fechado" kinda "Psobb.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close". Sometimes it runs up to main menu, but it is all screwed, at lower left is says "No DLL" and the menu, all letters are squares. I already searched a lot but nothing solves, someone can help me? Thank you.
  4. If anyone's having problems with the launcher not able complete its auto update, Windows Defender might be stopping it (should appear as a notification that Windows Defender is removing the malware). Sign in to your administrator account Open up Windows Defender, and go to settings. Under exclusions, click "Add an exclusion" Exclude your Ultima PSOBB folder. It's default location after installing it will be in your C: drive. Now you should be able to use your launcher without being an administrator, but while you're in your admin account, you might as well try using the launcher, then launch the game.
  5. Hi all, Got the itch after about a year, so I figured I'd fire up PSO for a bit. I've already heard about the new weapons and the name difference and whatnot, so I'm trying to run the Launcher to update the game. Problem is, I'm on a Mac, so I'm using wine, and Launcher.exe won't open: Brads-MacBook-Pro:Ultima PSOBB bradorego$ wine Launcher.exe Wine cannot find the ncurses library (libncurses.5.4.dylib). The entry point method could not be loaded I've done some googling and tried to install ncurses via homebrew, but that didn't seem to get me anywhere. Anyone else run into this?
  6. Alright, so I've been trying for hours to get this fixed and I don't know what to do at this point. I've tried shutting down comp, reinstalling game, etc etc. Here's the problem. When game finishes download, I check it to start the game. It does not. When I go into the folder, I try to run Launcher as admin, nothing happens. Try running online as admin. It gets me to the game, but then constantly loops patch and won't save my username and password. I have turned literally everything off on my anti-virus (norton) and I have windows defender disabled. Just wanna play the game and I have no idea what to do. The weirdest part is that my husband is having absolutely no problems at all. We have the same laptop (asus K55N), using same internet, have same anti virus, and his started automatically and gave him no problems. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hello people. My game was ok up to the update. After the update it started to open in a small window (running by online.exe). I already tried different configurations in options, but does not solve. When open by launcher.exe it always give an error, no matter what I do. System is XP. I already added an exception in antivirus. Please help Thank you.
  8. HEY-O, i downloaded the most recent update for the game, and when i went to launch it it does nothing. I click start from the Launcher and it just closes, nothing else, the resolution is fine, i can support them all. any ideas? help would be awesome. THAX My PC has W10 on it if it helps Edit: i think i know what my problem is... i dont own a copy of PSO so its just trying to launch the server without the game... derp
  9. Tengo el problema que al dar Start Game en el launcher simplemente se cierra y no pasa nada, ya intente cambiando resolución de pantalla, de modo full screen a window mode, iniciar como administrador y nada de esto funciona.
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