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  1. This be my shop, PM me if you want anything, operating in UK time zone. If you're new there's some free crap at the bottom, just ask for it. Apologies in advance for the amount of carp in this plaice. DTs plz Stuffs for various amounts of PDs 5PDs 3PDs 1PDs Techniques Materials Free stuff for new players Wants : Anything good More fish based puns Thanks
  2. Selling: Demolition Comet 10/0/0/25|25 1PD Mahu 0/25/30/0|25 1PD Slicer Of Assassin 0/15/0/0|30 1PD x89 Mind Materials 6:1PD, 14PDs for the lot x33 Power Materials 5:1PD, 6PDs for the lot Buying: Adept 3DTs Heaven Punisher 50H+ Offers Wanted Iron Faust 50H+ Offers Wanted Yas 9000m 50H+ Clean or with Charge Offers Wanted
  3. I guess it's about time I make a trade list...... Assume prices are via the price guide, but post/PM if curious. Weapons w/ Hit Weapons Armor Shields Units Techs Animal Parts Misc Current Equips (likely not for trade) WANTS
  4. Hi! Okay so I'm listing all my red boxes for completion, some of this stuff I value higher than the market would and don't wanna sell like my Yamigarasu and other stuff I can't trade like Rika's Claw. This list is to serve as a reminder to me for all my stuff, and also to trade. You can get a discount or bonus items or something if you're team Aensland because #1PSObuddyMayT3. Character Bank as of 07/18/2015 DB'S SABER 10/0/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/10/10/0 DRAGON SLAYER 0/5/0/0 BLADE DANCE 0/0/0/10 VJAYA 0/0/0/0 SLICER OF ASSASSIN 0/0/20/0 DISKA OF LIBERATOR 0/0/0/-5 lol OP BRAVACE 35/45/0/40 RIANOV 303SNR 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/10/20/15 L&K14 COMBAT 0/0/0/20 FINAL IMPACT 0/0/0/0 SPREAD NEEDLE 0/0/0/0 HOLY RAY 0/0/35/35 YAMIGARASU 0/0/0/0 RED SABER 20/0/25/20 MONKEY KING BAR 0/0/40/30 LAST SWAN 0/0/0/0 YASMINKOV 3000R YAMATO 0/20/0/0 SANGE 0/50/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/30/0/25 NUG2000-BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 RIKA'S CLAW 0/25/45/35 RUBY BULLET 0/0/0/30 OPHELIE SEIZE 0/30/30/0 OPHELIE SEIZE 0/25/25/0 VIVIENNE 0/0/45/0 VIVIENNE 0/0/35/25 DAYLIGHT SCAR +25 30/0/25/0 DAYLIGHT SCAR 0/25/0/40 DAYLIGHT SCAR 25/0/0/0 ANO BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 AURA FIELD | 0 Slots ALLIANCE UNIFORM | 0 Slots COMMANDER UNIFORM | 2 Slots LIEUTENANT GEAR | 4 Slots LIEUTENANT MANTLE | 4 Slots RANGER WALL FLOWEN'S SHIELD SECURE FEET VIRUS SHIELD: Vol Opt PURPLE RING REGENERATE GEAR B.P. God/Power God/Power God/Power God/Power Perfect/Resist Perfect/Resist Devil/Technique Cure/Paralysis Cure/Slow Cure/Confuse Cure/Confuse Cure/Freeze V501 Heavenly/Battle Booma's Right Arm Addslot x8 Common Bank as of 07/18/2015 DB'S SABER +3 0/25/0/0 GAE BOLG 10/0/0/0 DISKA OF BRAVEMAN 0/0/0/30 DISKA OF BRAVEMAN 15/0/0/15 | 20 VARISTA 0/25/0/0 CUSTOM RAY ver.00 0/5/0/0 WALS-MK2 15/0/040 JUSTY-23ST 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 20/0/0/0 METEOR SMASH 30/0/0/0 FINAL IMPACT 0/10/25/0 CLUB OF LACONIUM 20/0/0/0 PHOTON CLAW 0/0/0/30 PHOTON CLAW 25/0/0/0 SILENCE CLAW 0/10/10/0 PHOENIX CLAW (Untekked) 0/0/25/0 AGITO (1975) 0/50/0/45 | 35 INFERNO BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 | 20 L&K38 COMBAT 35/0/35/0 PSYCHO WAND 0/0/0/0 CADUCEUS 25/40/0/0 CADUCEUS 0/30/50/0 | 35 ANCIENT SABER 0/0/0/0 ELYSION 0/0/35/0 | 30 ELYSION 0/0/0/0 FLIGHT CUTTER 0/0/15/0 | 15 HANDGUN: MILLA 0/0/0/0 RED HANDGUN 0/15/0/5 | 15 FROZEN SHOOTER +3 20/0/0/0 | 25 FROZEN SHOOTER (Untekked) 30/0/25/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 20/0/0/0 TWIN PSYCHOGUN 10/0/0/0 WINDMILL 35/0/0/25 WINDMILL 0/0/0/0 RABBIT WAND 0/20/15/0 THE SIGH OF A GOD 0/10/0/0 HEART OF POUMN 30/0/0/0 YAMATO 0/0/15/20 GUILTY LIGHT 0/0/0/10 RED SCORPIO 0/0/0/10 TALIS 0/0/0/0 FLOWEN'S SWORD 10/0/0/0 DB'S SABER 20/0/0/0 DEMOLITION COMET 0/0/15/0 DEMOLITION COMET 15/0/0/0 VIVIENNE 35/0/45/0 VIVIENNE 0/35/25/15 0/30/0/0 | 40 GUREN 30/0/10/20 GUREN 0/0/5/0 GUREN 25/0/30/30 DAYLIGHT SCAR +25 0/0/45/0 | 50 DAYLIGHT SCAR +4 25/20/0/0 | 35 AURA FIELD | 4 Slots STAR CUIRASS | 2 WEDDING DRESS (+451 DEF and +246 EVP) ALLICANCE UNIFORM | 4 Slots COMMANER UNIFORM | 0 Slots CRIMSON COAT | 0 Slots LIEUTENANT GEAR | 0 Slots FLOWEN'S SHIELD CUSTOMER BARRIER ver.00 GODS SHIELD GENBU GODS SHIELD SEIRYU UNION GUARD God/Power God/Power God/Arm God/Arm God/Arm Perfect/Resist Perfect/Resist HP/Revival HP/Revival Devil/Technique Devil/Technique Cure/Freeze Cure/Freeze Cure/Freeze Cure/Freeze V501 V801 Heavenly/Arms Heavenly/Arms Heavenly/Body Heavenly/Body Heavenly/Body Heavenly/Body About me / Wishlist: I play a RAmarl and will eventually make a FOmar. Not really interested in HU stuff, except maybe one day I'll make a HUnewearl to use my HEART OF POUMN and a NEI'S CLAW if I get one. I'd like the following: YASMINKOV 2000H LIMITER or an ADEPT V101 EPSIGUARD (Epsilon is my favorite enemy) DE RO LE SHIELD (I guess I could get this easily on my own) TWIN CHAKRAM PAN ARM'S BLADE RAGE DE FUE Cute Satos Shifta, Deband, Zalure, and Jellen 20 I also have a few PD and DTS. Thanks for reading!
  5. So i have a shit ton of stuff. Most of it's crap, sorry. Looking for pd's mainly. I'll bundle a bunch of stuff together just hit me up with the offers. Idk what to price it at so just ask what you'd like and begin the negotiating. Once again, most of this stuff is crap. I'm sorry. Weapons (non special) Arrest vulcan +3 [0,20,35,0,30] Arrest vulcan [0,0,0,0,30] Chaos Diska +3 [25,0,0,0,40] Charge calibur +8 [0,0,5,0,50] Charge gungnir +5 [20,0,0,0,50] Charge laser +3 [35,0,0,0,50] x6 Charge laser +25 [35,0,0,050] Charge laser [0,0,5,0,35] Charge raygun [0,0,0,5,50] Charge ripper +8 [0,5,0,0,50] x23 Charge striker +8 [0,5,0,0,50] Charge vulcan +8 [0,0,0,0,30] x2 Gush vulcan +6 [35,0,0,0,25] Hell Ripper [0,0,0,40,35] Tempest vulcan +7 [0,0,0,45,40] Demons Gladius +1 [0,0,60,0,50] Special Weapons AGITO (AUW 1975 model) ANGRY FIST ANO BAZOOKA x2 ASUKA x2 BERDYSH BLADE DANCE BRAVE KNUCKLE BRIONAC CADUCEUS CUSTOM RAY ver.00 [15,0,0,30,25] DAYLIGHT SCAR x4 DB'S SABER DECALOG x2 DEMOLITION COMET x2 DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0,0,25,40,15] DISKA OF BRAVEMAN x2 DISKA OF LIBERATOR [20,0,0,20,30] DISKA OF LIBERATOR [20,0,0,0,15] DRAGON SLAYER ELYSION x2 FINAL IMPACT [0,0,10,0,20] FINAL IMPACT FLOWEN'S SWORD x2 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 [0,0,0,15,25] FROZEN SHOOTER x2 GAE BOLG x2 GUILTY LIGHT [20,15,0,0,20] GUILTY LIGHT GUREN x2 H&S25 JUSTICE x2 HEAVEN PUNISHER [0,0,25,0,30] INFERNO BAZOOKA JUSTY-23ST KALADBOLG x3 L&K14 COMBAT x5 LAST SURVIVOR [0,0,0,0,15] LAST SURVIVOR x3 M&A60 VISE MACE OF ADAMAN MAHU MASER BEAM METEOR CUDGEL x2 METEOR SMASH MONKEY KING BAR MUSASHI OPHELIE SEIZE x2 PHOENIX CLAW (untecked) PHOTON CLAW x2 PHOTON LAUNCHER RABBIT WAND RAGE DE FEU RED PARTISIAN x2 RED SABER RIANOV 303SNR RUBY BULLET SANGE [0,0,15,0,20] SILENCE CLAW [0,5,0,0,20] SILENCE CLAW x2 STAG CUTLERY [25,0,5,0,35] STAG CUTLERY STORM WAND:INDRA x2 TWIN BLAZE TWIN BRAND VICTOR AXE VARISTA x2 VISK-235W x2 VIVIENNE [20,0,20,0,20] VIVIENNE x3 VJAYA [5,0,0,0,30] WALS-MK2 x3 WINDMILL YAMATO YUNCHANG Armors Alliace Uniform (0) x4 Aurora Field Black Hound Cuirass Black Odoshi Red Nimaidou Crimson Coat DB's Armour Electro Frame (1) Flowen's Frame (0) (0) (1) (2) Lieutenant Gear Lieutenant Mantle (0) (4) Morning Prayer (1) Red Coat (0) (1) (2) Select Cloak Spirit Garment (4) Star Cuirass Stink Frame Thirteen Shields Combat Gear Custom Barrier ver.00 DB's Shield Proto Regene Gear Regenerate Gear Stink Shield x2 Union Guard Yata Mirror x3 Units Cure Freeze Cure Poison x6 DIVINE PROTECTION Devil Battle x2 God Body x3 God HP x2 God Luck x3 God Mind God Power x2 Heavenly Battle Heavenly Body Heavenly Legs x2 Heavenly Mind x5 HP Revival x5 Perfect Resist x5 Yasakani Magatama x4 Amplifiers Amplifier of Barta Amplifier of Foie Star Amplifier Other Def Material x34 Evade Material x21 HP Material x32 Mind Material x23 Power Material x24 Monogrinder x39 Digrinder x12 Trigrinder x12 Dragon Scale x2 Photon Drop x20 Photon Crystal x6 Wants PDs DTs Hell raygun or vulcans with high hit percentage. Decent Racast gear. (I have mm, baranze launcher and hell gladius equipped)
  6. Finally decided to make a list, I'll accept any fair trade, Pds are always welcome . So make me an offer and lets make a deal. Before I forget no offering to hunt an Item for me in exchange for an item. I don't do I.O.U's. please note that this list is a work in progress and shall be updated whenever I can find the time Good luck and Good hunting! weapon stats: native /beast /machine /dark / hit Blades Bloody Art 0/15/0/0/30 Cross Scar 30/0/0/25/15 Silence claw 0/0/0/35/30 Stag cutlery 10/30/25/0/0 Brave knuckle 0/25/25/0/0 Elysion 0/20/0/20/0 Yamato 0/0/0/20/0 Asuka 30/0/20/0/0 Demolition comet 15/0/0/30/0 Vivienne 0/0/10/20/0 Sange 0/20/30/0/0 Guns WALS-MK2 10/20/0/0/0 JUSTY-23ST 0/0/0/15/0 Inferno Bazooka 10/25/0/0/0 Ophelie seize 0/0/0/0/0 Rianov303SNR 0/0/0/0/0 Ano Bazooka 0/0/20/0 Flame visit 0/0/0/0/0 Canes Rabbit wand 0/0/20/30/0 Hitogata 25/0/0/0/0 Ice staff:Dagon 0/0/15/0/0 Storm wand: Indra 10/15/0/0/0 Sting Tip 0/0/10/0/0 Club of Laconium 0/0/0/0/0 Decalog 0/0/0/0/0 Misc.Weapons Commander Blade 0/0/0/0/0 Game magazine 0/0/0/0/0 Madam's umbrella 0/0/0/0/0 Madam's parasol 0/0/0/0/0 Tyrell's parasol 0/0/0/0/0 Non-rare( but still useful) Vulcan 0/0/0/0/45 charge vulcan 0/0/10/0/5 Charge calibur 0/35/0/0/40 Blizzard Calibur+8 0/35/0/35/40 Charge Diska+2 30/0/0/30/30 Charge Laser+7 0/0/0/40/35 Units Cure/shock Cure/freeze V501 Heavenly/battle Heavenly/power Techniques Resta Lv 20 shifta Lv 20 Rabarta Lv 27 Razonde Lv 28 Resta Lv28Zalure Lv28 Foie Lv29 zonde Lv29 Armor Sense plate +4 Guard Wave Commander uniform+2 Electro Frame Star cuirass+3 Select cloak Lieutenant Gear+1 Black Hound curiass+1 Red coat Aura Field Shields Combat Gear Secret gear Flowen's Shield Standstill Shield Honeycomb Reflector Misc.Items Delsaber's Left Arm Booma's Right Arm Gobooma's Right Arm Rappy's Wing Heart of Morolian Heart of Angel Kit of Sega Saturn Kit of Master System Kit of Mark3 Hildeblue's Head Star Amplifier x 4 My wish list psycho raven( or master raven with hit) spread needle (with hit) hylian shield ( I doubt anyone will give one up now) photon booster Dark flow psycho wand Dark Bridge Edited and updated: new items available and old items sold
  7. Two Kamui 0 on all stats, make offer. Ashtron Belt 7pds LK 38 combat 60 percent dark. 5pds Dragon Scale 2pds Oriagito 3pds Mats Just ask always selling 5 for 1 pd Zanba 50 percent dark, make offer. Sato mag lvl 110,make offer. Cannon Rouge 5pds Caduecs 3pds Lavis Cannon 1pd Electro Frame 2pds Striker Plus make offer Gibarta lvl 25 1pd Gibarta lvl 26 1pd Megid lvl 24 2pds From The Depths 35pds Wish List. Diwari Mag, Tripolic Reflector, Mech Guns with hit, LK 38 combo with hit, PDS. These are the items in my opinion worth mentioning, naturally i have a lot more, if looking you are for anything else just message me on forums or in game.
  8. Hi, im listing my stuff here, so if there is someone interested in any of these, let me know through here or pm or ingame. My character name is: Lutz SELLING / TRADING: Rare Weapons: Normal Weapons: Armors / Frames: Shields / Barriers Units: Techniques: Others: Wish List: Photon Drops King Striker Grantz 27+ 3 seals Techs Lv. 30 TP Material Mind Material Other good stuffs
  9. Well im selling off my forces stuff, its not alot but there ok iteams
  10. comencemos ESPADAS etc Two kamui Sange y yahsa + 22 (40 de hit, 40 beast) Chain swand (35 native, 45 dark) Red saber Meteor cudgel Berdysh (4) Flamberge Asteron belt (2) Daylight scar Dragon claw Flight cutter yunchang durandal yamigarasu Herat of pumn Kamui g-assassin`s sabers viviene kusanagi acient saber PISTOLAS etc H&S25 justice Ophelie seize Angel harp L&K38 combat Custim ray ver 0.0 Meteor smash Red hadgun Frozen shooter Holy ray BASTONES etc Earthwand brownie Caduceus Branch of paku paku Summint moon Amore rose The sigh of a god Sting tip Mace of adaman Club of laconium Ice staff: dragon Store wand indra ARMOR Aura field (4, y una con 4 slot) Electro frame (4 slot) Alliance uniform Lieutemat mantle Custom frame ver 0.0 SHIELD Standill shield (7 XD) Flowens shield (3) Rupika Yata mirror Cat ears Regenerate gear Secure feet (3) Black ring Reflector Union guard Regenerate gear b.p OTROSSS!! Star amplifier (5) Hear of angel God powers (8) busco de rol le shield scret gear spirit garment
  11. ACE SC1's "NEW" Trade List! Closed BYE
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