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Found 16 results

  1. Hello, iam selling again POWER sato mags, level 200 for 14 pds or 2dts. Every mag are: [5/150/45/0] and [M&Y, Estlla, Pilla]. I have these colors: blue/ green/ fuschia/ black/ cyan/ light green/ mint green/ gray/ light blue/ White/ purple/ pink/ orange/ yellow/ red. PM me or post here.
  2. Buying 120 Power, 30 Luck, and 124 HP Materials!
  3. Buying 50 luck
  4. Need 1x 99 power Need 3x 99 hit point Pm if you have stacks pls Ty
  5. Vyre

    B> Power Mats

    ** Technical Difficulties - Closed for Now ** Hi, I'm looking to trade for Power Mats at the following rate: 5:1PD Need 2x 99 Power Mats = 20PDs each stack. Please PM me or reply here, thank you.
  6. Looking for a red agastya message me if u got one ^^
  7. Wtb 80 pow material (or 77) xD (closed)
  8. not even THAT many of creatures can match the Power of Conanback while he is standing in the center
  9. I need 120 Pow, 30 Luck, and 125 HP (I think that's cap for RACast) materials for my new dood. PM or Post with rates if you are in the market to trade em' off! <3
  11. Winners of this event Team: The NOT Ultima Staff Team Please create a group pm on the forum with the 4 team members so we can check what items you want Second place TEAM ROCKET Second place will pick an item from the prize list, after the first team picks theirs. _______________________________________________ Go-go power rangerssss!!! Hello Ultibums! Here comes a new mini event, this one is short and simple, checking how close you are with your friends. Rules to entry this event: -Teams for this event need to be composed by 4 different players. -You can make new characters for this competition for color reasons, class matching etc What to do: -Just pick a area you like/find cool -Take your friends on that area, do some cool posing and take a print screen of the group. -Team entry example: Team Name: Cy-Clones Guildcards: -42xxxxxx -42xxxxxx -42xxxxxx -42xxxxxx Picture: Here's a good pic of what i'm searching for, from blueman189 PRIZES: Since this is a very simple event will be 5 dts for each participant of the winning team And a item from this list(you gotta discuss that between yourselves): -FROM THE DEPTHS -PROOF OF SWORD-SAINT x4 -Gratia -VIRUS SHIELD:Vol Opt -RICO'S GLASSES -RICO'S EARRING -KROE'S SWEATER -v502 -Centurion/Ability -FLAPJACK FLAPPER [0/0/35/45|50] -DAYLIGHT SCAR [0/0/20/0|45] -DAYLIGHT SCAR +4 [20/0/25/0|40] -Wizard/Resist x3 -White Nidra [5/150/45/0] Mylla & Youlla / Estilla / Pilla -Centurion/Power -Centurion/Mind -Noob/HP -DISKA OF BRAVEMAN [0/0/20/0|50] -MARINA'S BAG [0/0/0/0|0] -TWIN BLAZE +9 [0/0/0/0|0] -BLOOD SWORD [40/30/40/0|0] -Hell Laser +5 [0/0/50/0|45] -THIRTEEN [slots: 0][DEF: 0/EVP: 0] -KASAMI BRACER [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] -Red DREAMCAST [5/0/0/195] / Empty / Empty / Empty Deadline 17/01/2015 - 7pm 0gmt Good teaming up! Español
  12. Have you ever wanted your very own little scorpion buddy to follow you around to boost your stats, make you invulnerable, or grant you S&D? Well look no further!! Welcome to Kukulza's Nidra Pet Mag Shop! vvv More color examples below! vvv (source: http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=2388 ) Nidra Info: http://pso.wikia.com/wiki/Nidra Current Nidra Stock 2x Green ▀▀▀ 1x Yellow ▀▀▀ 1x Black ▀▀▀ SOLD 1x White ▀▀▀ 1x Red ▀▀▀ 1x Orange ▀▀▀ 1x Blue ▀▀▀ 2x Forest Green ▀▀▀ All these little guys come as 5/150/45/0 with 120% Sync and 200 IQ, and Twins/Pilla/Estilla! I'm charging 15 Photon Drops each. Take home your very own Nidra today! Also selling Photon Crystals for 5:1 Wants list: Hylian Shield (I'll add more to this later, it's all a work in progress) Thanks for looking!
  13. 4 to 5 mats per PD. Hit me up.
  14. Ok so I want a 5/130/65/0 or maybe a 5/120/75/0 Tellusis for my HUcast. PSO-World is down all the time so I cant look up one of the guides over there and I didnt find a guide of how to raise this specific mag with those stats and twins that tells me how to raise it step by step when I googled for it. I also did not find the information on the forums here so I just made a new topic and hope that someone who has experience when it comes to mag raising is going to reply to this. I want a Tellusis with Twins and lets say 5/130/65/0 stats. If anyone could explain on how to get the Tellusis with said stats I would greatly apreciate it.
  15. Im looking for a Power Mag and possibly God/Heavenly Power I lost my Level 200 Power Mag in Crash. I doubt now it can be recovered. Please PM me if you have a spare for Trade. All i have of Value is 10Pds (Photon Drops). Thanks. Sam.
  16. hello im selling a light blue power sato its stats are 5/150/45/0 looking to get about 17 pds of it.
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