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  1. NEW YEAR CARDS 2023 It is now possible to redeem your New Year Cards! Some history, feel free to skip. First of all... Thanks to everyone for not asking me everyday about NYCs, I appreciate :'D (got asked 4 times on the first day but then it was relatively calm). Some of you may remember, I decided to make some use of NYC for the first time in 2018. Before that, NYC were totally useless, and the only response ever given to "What are NYC used for?" was "To wish your friends a happy new year". Since then, I've made a different event for NYCs every year. And every year, the NYCs became easier and easier to farm. This was in order NOT to make it unfair between the new players and old veterans who keep saving their NYCs from previous Christmas events. And that is also the reason why I always suggested everyone to use their NYCs as long as they see an use in it, and never think that way "Okay that's cool but I'm expecting something better next year so I will save my NYCs for now". I only did one mistake: that is the NYC drop rate on Gulgus-Gue during Christmas Event 2021. My idea was to make NYCs farmable in every level (that does not already involve an Olga Flow) but I miscalculated the top ratio of Gulgus-Gues that you can farm in a given time. So I had to nerf Gulgus-Gue drop rate by a 1.8 factor this year, and this is the only time NYC drop rate ever got nerfed (while all the other 9 NYC locations drop rates were slightly buffed). I don't know if I will keep doing NYC events every year, but in any case we'll need to empty the server of them now. Making them any easier will just result in a hassle to store your hundreds of NYCs and services prices increases. It is hard to make things balanced as it changes every year, and make it so everyone can get something cool (regarding the huge disparities between players...) instead of just the rich ones. So back to the main subject: For this 6th New Year Cards edition, 3 services are available. HIT ADDITION Redeem 10 NYC to add 5% hit on any of your weapons Cannot exceed 80% hit No attributes relocation Can reset any attribute to 0% if needed / wanted Cannot be added to ES weapons (commonly referred as "S-rank weapons") SPECIAL ADDITION Redeem 15 NYC to add or change the Special of your choice Must be a weapon that has no default special ES weapons are excluded Only common specials can be added (no Zalure etc) As a reminder, here are the available high tier specials: Hell (one hit kill) Chaos (confusion) Blizzard (ice element) Burning (fire element) Tempest (electric element) Arrest (paralysis) Gush (HP steal) Geist (TP steal) King (XP steal) Demon (%HP reduction) Spirit (TP sacrifice) Berserk (HP sacrifice) Charge (meseta sacrifice) SUPER RAFFLE It's been since the first NYC event in 2018 that we didn't do a raffle. But unlike that one, this time there is NO LIMIT on how many NYCs you can bid into the raffle, however you are allowed only ONE REWARD MAX per person. POSSIBLE PRIZES Spread Needle [0/0/0/0|100] (2,500+) (6) JupiterDeMars [received] Arrest Needle [0/0/0/0|85] (22) Cross777 [received] Asteron Striker [0/0/0/0|90] (2,750+) (12) Light [received] Heaven Striker [0/0/0/0|90] (6,000+) - Locked Lindcray [0/0/0/0|95] (8,000+) - Locked Serene Swan [0/0/0/0|90] (2) Flerbert [received] Psycho Raven [0/0/0/0|90] (6,500+) Locked Iron Faust [0/0/0/0|90] (1,500+) (23) Omegalo [received] Arrest Faust [0/0/0/0|95] (3,000+) (14) Wavebuster [received] Frozen Faust [0/0/0/0|100] (7) SinowNeo617 [received] Sacred Bow [0/0/0/0|95] (20) R-78 [received] Rianov 303SNR-5 [0/0/0/0|100] (1,250+) (10) IronSheik [received] Master Sword [0/0/0/0|95] (2,000+) (16) Final Pacman [received] Slicer of Vengeance [0/0/0/0|95] (13) Mannyfresh [received] Dark Meteor [0/0/0/0|100] (9,500+) Locked Dark Meteor [0/0/0/0|95] (5,500+) Locked Dark Meteor [0/0/0/0|90] (1,750+) (4) RocketTots [received] Dark Meteor [0/0/0/0|85] (9) nnorton44 [received] Dark Meteor [0/0/0/0|0] (19) sloo [received] Dark Flow [0/0/0/0|100] (10,000+) Locked Dark Flow [0/0/0/0|95] (8,500+) Locked Dark Flow [0/0/0/0|90] (3,500+) (1) 777 [received] Dark Flow [0/0/0/0|85] (11) coman5 [received] Dark Flow [0/0/0/0|0] (18) Zeldya [received] Dark Bridge [0/0/0/0|95] (2,250+) (17) Tiel [received] Frozen Shooter [0/0/0/0|90] (9,000+) Locked Banana Cannon [0/0/0/0|95] (15) Ender [received] Kiss of Death [0/0/0/0|90] (7,000+) Locked Sword of Ultima [0/0/0/0|95] (4,000+) (5) Harvest [received] Ten Years Blade [0/0/0/0|85] (21) (Jay) [received] Samba's Fiesta [0/0/0/0|90] (7,500+) Locked Slicer of Fanatic [0/0/0/0|100] (5,000+) (3) goDdess [received] TypeME/Mech [0/0/0/0|90] (4,500+) (8) Crank [received] SonicTeam Armor (1,000+) (24) Smoochum [received] Parentheses mean said number must be bidden by the community for the prize to be available. Example: Slicer of Fanatic 100h isn't a possible prize if the community bid less than 5,000 NYCs. The total number of bidden NYCs will not be public, so it is pointless to wait and see where this gets before you bid. Whenever you hand NYCs to us for the raffle, make sure to tell us your Forum name. If the profile does not exist, you will not be able to claim your prize. You will automatically get attributed a range of ticket numbers. On March, I will roll random numbers live on Ultima official discord between 1 and the last attributed number. The order of these numbers decides the order from which players are to pick their prize. If a generated number lands on a player who already won something, it gets ignored. This goes on until all rewards are depleted or there are no more participants. You are not allowed to have other people bid your own NYCs as separate persons. CONSOLATION PRIZES You will receive some Donation Tickets if you bid more than 77 NYC but were not lucky enough to get any of the above rewards. Consolation prize is calculated from the following: DTs = ⌊(X-70)/8⌋ with X the number of NYC you bid. Examples: - You bid 63 NYCs, got no reward. Not eligible for consolation prize. - You bid 524 NYCs, got no reward. Receive 56 DTs as consolation prize. You have until February, 28th of 2023 to place bids for the raffle. You have until October, 31st of 2023 to redeem hit or specials. ATTENTION: All New Year Cards will get erased after these, so make sure to use ALL OF THEM. Feel free to ask a GM (mostly Fyrewolf5 or R-78) for NYC redeems. (Remember I'm much more responsive on Discord R-78#0078) If you wish to redeem Donation Tickets as well, let we know so we can do all at the same time. Do not wait for the last day to redeem your NYCs with a GM, we won't be responsible for your loss if you cannot catch a GM in the last minutes. Any question, feel free to ask here or via PM.
  2. You can now redeem your New Year Cards (acquired during Christmas Event) for the following services. TYPE WEAPONS Redeem NYCs for one of the Type Weapons listed below with the special of your choice: 25 NYC - Type SH/Shot* 10 NYC - Type BL/Blade 10 NYC - Type DS/D.Saber 10 NYC - Type DS/Rod* 10 NYC - Type DS/Wand 10 NYC - Type GU/Handgun 10 NYC - Type GU/Mechgun 10 NYC - Type HA/Halbert 10 NYC - Type HA/Rod* 10 NYC - Type JS/J-Sword 10 NYC - Type KN/Blade* 10 NYC - Type N-SL/Slicer 10 NYC - Type RI/Rifle* 10 NYC - Type RO/Halbert 10 NYC - Type RO/Rod 10 NYC - Type RO/Sword 10 NYC - Type SA/Saber 10 NYC - Type SS/Swords* 10 NYC - Type SW/Sword 10 NYC - Type WA/Wand * obtainable from Beak's Cafe quest Available specials (coming with the redeemed Type weapon, cannot be added alone) : Hell Chaos Blizzard Burning Tempest Arrest Gush Geist King Demon Spirit Berserk Charge For 15 NYC, add 100% to any attribute of your Type Weapon (100% Native or 100% A.Beast or 100% Machine or 100% Dark). This applies only to the weapons listed above. REVERT COMBINATION Have a Gael Giel with wrong stats? Made a Dark Meteor but actually want a Dark Bridge? Think it was a mistake to make a Hundred Soul for a Hucast? Made a 0 hit Dark Flow? Now is your day with the combinations undoing. The price depends on the combination tiers. You will get back the required combiners to make the product you gave. For armor/shield combination, you get back the original slots and stats (if applicable). For 2-weapons combination, you get back one of the two [0/0/0/0] and the other one with the product stats (to your convenience). No special on unrare weapons and no grinders. For mag cells, you get back any mag (on which the mag cell was usable) of your choice with the original stats. Tiers 1 - 5 NYC: Magic Rock Moola, Magic Rock Heart Key, Magic Stone Irista, Star Amplifier, Parasitic cell Type D, Spirit Garment, Blue Black Stone, Syncesta, Berill Photon, Sange/Yasha, Guren/Shouren, Ophelie Seize, Part of Egg Blaster, Guld/Milla, Last Swan, Book of Hitogata, Magic Water, Halo Soul Tiers 2 - 10 NYC: Any mag cell but DPC, Stellar Shard, Chromatic Orb, Harmonic Resonance Core, De Rol Le Shell Tiers 3 - 15 NYC: D-Photon Core, Soul Booster, Proof of Sonic Team, Psycho Black Crystal, Photon Booster, Frozen Booster, Arrest Booster Tiers 4 - 20 NYC: Parasitic Gene Flow Here are a few examples: Dark Meteor + 20 NYC = Parasitic Gene Flow + Arms (with former DM stats, no special) Psycho Bridge + 15 NYC = Proof of Sonic Team + Dark Bridge (with former PB stats) Hundred Soul + 15 NYC = Soul Booster + Excalibur (with former HS stats) Gael Giel + 15 NYC = D-Photon Core + Kama (with former GG stats) Devil's Tail + 10 NYC = Heart of Devil + Devil's Wing (with former DT stats) Mille Faucilles + 10 NYC = Stellar Shard + Mille Marteaux (with former MF stats) Frank The Bunny Costume + 5 NYC = Halo Soul + Red Ring And so on... LEVEL 30 TECHNIQUES You can redeem 20 NYCs for one of the following level 30 disks: Foie LV30 disk Zonde LV30 disk Barta LV30 disk Gifoie LV30 disk Gizonde LV30 disk Gibarta LV30 disk Rafoie LV30 disk Razonde LV30 disk Rabarta LV30 disk Grants LV30 disk Megid LV30 disk UNSEALING Redeem NYCs to unseal any item with any killcount. 5 NYC - Lame d'Argent => Excalibur 5 NYC - Limiter => Adept 5 NYC - Swordsman Lore => Proof of Sword Saint 10 NYC - Sealed J-Sword => Tsumikiri J-Sword ______________________________________ You can redeem your NYCs with a Game Master, only until February 28th so make sure you did everything you wanted before that date. Note: Please if you are going to redeem several things on a same weapon (example: 15 NYC for a Type + 30 NYC for the stats + 60 DTs for 80 hit), do them all at once in order to save me some time. And for the people concerned... Happy Chinese New Year!
  3. This time, our favorite pets also want to celebrate the New Year, so New Year Cards will mostly be used to upgrade your mags! Here are the offered services. - Photon Blast Change Price : 5 NYC Swap or add a Photon Blast to any of your Mags. - Color Change Price : 5 NYC Change the color of any of your Mags. - Point Relocation Price : 5 NYC Add, move, or remove one point from the following stats: DEF, POW, DEX or MIND. - Mag Type Change Price : 10 NYC Transform your mag into any other existing mag. Only the type changes All other stats are kept from the previous mag (including the color) Must provide Mag cell if there is one - Weapon Hit Addition Price : 20 NYC and 60 Photon Drops Add 30 hit to any of your Weapons. Cannot exceed 70 hit total on a same weapon No Dark weapon Hit splitting allowed Attributes relocation on redeemed weapons allowed You can redeem your New Year Cards with a Game Master at any time until next Christmas Event starts. Happy Mag Year
  4. Hey guys and gals, I am thinking of starting up a group to run with on the weekends. Figure that way we can always be helping each other out. I recently started playing on this server so I have a TON of catching up to do, but I am experienced with the game. HMU if anyone would be interested. I am thinking of Thursday, Friday and Saturdays being the days I could make it work myself and probably later in the evening. I live in the U.S and am in MST (Mountain Standard Time). Happy Hunting!!
  5. HI! This is my shop, iam not sure about all prices... whatever, you can send me pm or post here, thanks for your visit! Swords, etc. BAMBOO SPEAR[0/50/0/0|45] ------------------------- 2 pd blood tornado[Demon][0/0/0/35|45] ----------------- 6 dts bloody art[Devil][0/0/0/0|35] -------------------------- 3 pd bloody art[Devil][30/0/0/0|25] ------------------------ 3 pd Bloody art[Devil][0/0/35/0|35] ------------------------ 4 pd CRAZY TUNE[0/0/35/0|35] ----------------------------- 4 pd DB'S SABER[3062][0/35/0/0|45] ---------------------- 2 pd DB'S SABER[3062][0/0/40/30|25] --------------------- 1 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN+9[0/0/35/0|45] -------------- 4 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/0/35/30|40] ---------------- 4 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN+9[0/0/35/0|35] -------------- 3 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/0/0/45|30] ------------------ 2 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[20/0/0/0|30] ------------------ 2 pd DISKA OF BRAVEMAN[0/30/0/0|20] ------------------ 1 pd DRAGON SLAYER[0/30/0/0|35] ------------------------ 3 pd DRAGON SLAYER[15/0/20/0|25] ---------------------- 2 pd ELYSION[0/0/0/0|35] ----------------------------------- 2 pd FLOWEN'S SWORD[0/0/25/0|40] --------------------- 5 pd GAE BOLG[0/0/35/35|45] ------------------------------ 2 pd GREAT BOUQUET[0/30/35/0|40] --------------------- 2 pd GREAT BOUQUET[0/0/40/0|35] ----------------------- 1 pd LAVIS CANNON[0/0/30/55] ---------------------------- 3 pd LAVIS CANNON[0/40/0/35] ---------------------------- 3 pd MORNING GLORY[45/0/0/0|45] ----------------------- 8 pd RED DAGGER[40/0/0/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd RED PARTISAN[0/0/0/0|30] ---------------------------- 2 pd RED SABER[0/0/0/40|25] ------------------------------- 2 pd RED SABER[25/0/0/30|25] ----------------------------- 2 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/20/30/40] ------------ 20 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/0/0/40] ---------------- 18 pd RICO'S PARASOL[Charge][0/0/0/35] ---------------- 18 pd SANGE[Fill][0/40/0/0|45] ------------------------------- 5 pd SANGE[Fill][0/0/25/0|40] ------------------------------- 4 pd SANGE[Fill][55/0/30/0|40] ----------------------------- 4 pd SANGE[Fill][0/30/0/30|30] ----------------------------- 3 pd STING TIP[0/30/0/0|25] ------------------------------- 2 pd VICTOR AXE[0/0/0/0|30] ------------------------------- 2 pd VJAYA[0/0/0/25|40] ------------------------------------ 6 pd YAMATO[Blizzard][35/35/0/0|35] --------------------- 5 pd Tyrell's Parasol [40/0/0/0|0] 10pd Tyrell's Parasol [0/0/0/0|0] 10pd Guns, etc. ANGEL HARP[0/0/0/0|50] ------------------------------ 4 pd ANGEL HARP[0/0/0/0|40] ------------------------------ 3 pd ANGEL HARP[0/0/40/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd ANGEL HARP[0/25/0/0|35] ---------------------------- 3 pd ANO BAZOOKA[20/0/25/0] ---------------------------- 1 pd ANO BAZOOKA[0/10/0/0] ------------------------------ 1 pd CANNON ROUGE[0/15/0/35] -------------------------- 3 pd CANNON ROUGE[25/0/30/0] -------------------------- 3 pd CANNON ROUGE[0/0/0/0] ----------------------------- 2 pd FINAL IMPACT[0/40/0/0|40] -------------------------- 3 pd FINAL IMPACT[0/40/0/0|45] -------------------------- 3 pd FINAL IMPACT+30[30/0/0/30|40] ------------------- 3 pd FROZEN SHOOTER[0/0/30/0|35] -------------------- 2 pd FROZEN SHOOTER[0/0/25/0|35] -------------------- 2 pd GUILTY LIGHT[25/0/0/0|30] ------------------------- 4 pd GUILTY LIGHT[40/0/0/0|25] ------------------------- 4 pd HOLY RAY[0/20/0/35] -------------------------------- 6 pd HOLY RAY[0/25/30/0] -------------------------------- 6 pd H&S25 JUSTICE[0/0/0/0|35] ------------------------ 2 pd L&K14 COMBAT[0/35/25/0|30] --------------------- 2 pd L&K14 COMBAT[0/35/0/25|20] --------------------- 2 pd PHONON MASER[0/0/0/0] --------------------------- 3 pd RAMBLING MAY+18[0/25/0/20|35] ---------------- 5 dts RAMBLING MAY+1[0/0/45/35] --------------------- 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[0/40/30/50] ---------------------- 10 pd RAMBLING MAY[40/0/0/40] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[30/0/0/25] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[25/45/0/0] ------------------------ 8 pd RAMBLING MAY[45/0/0/0] ------------------------- 6 pd RED HANDGUN[25/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[0/0/0/40|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[30/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[20/0/0/0|25] ---------------------- 3 pd RED HANDGUN[25/0/0/35|20] --------------------- 2 pd RED HANDGUN[25/20/35/0] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[0/25/0/0|40] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[40/0/0/0|25] ----------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[15/0/20/0|25] --------------------- 2 pd RED SCORPIO[20/0/0/0|35] ----------------------- 2 pd RIANOV 303SNR-2[0/30/0/0|30] ------------------ 3 pd Last Swan +6 [0/0/0/40|0] 5pd Last Swan [15/0/40/0|0] 6pd Frozen Shooter [15/0/15/0|40] 4pd Iron Faust +4 [0/30/0/0|0] 30pd Baranz Launcher +4 [0/0/0/0|50] 20pd Phonon Maser [0/0/35/0|40] 9pd Outlaw Star [0/40/0/30|45] 10dts Mille Marteaux +12 [30/30/15/0|0] 15pd Mille Marteaux +12 [30/35/15/0|0] 15pd Banana Cannon [35/0/0/0|0] 12pd Banana Cannon [0/40/0/0|0] 12pd Wands, etc. ALIVE AQHU[0/0/40/0|25] ------------------------- 2 pd AMORE ROSE[0/0/30/0|50] ------------------------ 3 pd AMORE ROSE[0/0/30/0|30] ------------------------ 2 pd BRAVE HAMMER[Spirit][0/0/20/0|30] ------------ 3 pd BRAVE HAMMER[Spirit][0/25/40/45] ------------- 2 pd CADUCEUS[40/15/0/0|40] ------------------------- 4 pd CADUCEUS[0/30/40/0|35] ------------------------- 3 pd CADUCEUS[0/15/0/0|25] --------------------------- 3 pd CLUB OF ZUMIURAN[50/0/0/0|40] --------------- 3 pd Psycho Wand [0/0/0/20|0] 20pd Glide Divine v.00 [0/0/40/30|0] 14pd Glide Divine v.00 [45/40/0/0|0] 14pd Weapons whit special. Arms+6[Arrest][0/0/0/45|35] --------------------- 5 pd Arms+6[Blizzard][50/0/0/0|45] ------------------- 3 pd Arms+4[Burning][20/0/25/0|45] ----------------- 3 pd Arms+10[Chaos][0/40/0/0|45] ------------------- 3 pd Arms[Charge][0/0/0/0|45] ------------------------ 5 pd Arms+8[Charge][35/0/0/35|40] ------------------ 5 pd Arms[Demon's][0/0/0/25|40] --------------------- 4 pd Calibur+6[Burning][0/45/50/0|45] --------------- 8 pd Calibur+2[Charge][0/0/0/40|50] ----------------- 4 pd Calibur[Charge][0/35/0/0|40] -------------------- 4 pd Claymore+3[Demon's][0/15/0/30|50] ---------- 2 pd Diska+8[Blizzard][0/40/45/0|40] ---------------- 2 pd Diska+5[King's][0/0/40/0|50] -------------------- 3 pd Diska+2[King's][0/40/0/35|45] ------------------ 2 pd Gungnir+3[Arrest][0/0/0/0|45] ------------------ 3 pd Gungnir+2[Charge][0/0/35/40|40] ------------- 4 pd Laser+7[Arrest][0/0/40/0|50] ------------------- 4 pd Laser+4[Arrest][15/0/25/0|40] ------------------ 3 pd Laser+2[Berserk][20/0/0/25|30] ---------------- 2 pd Laser+3[Charge][35/0/0/0|50] ------------------ 3 pd Laser+4[Charge][5/0/0/0|45] -------------------- 3 pd Laser+5[Gush][0/0/0/40|50] -------------------- 1 pd Raygun[Arrest][0/0/0/40|35] -------------------- 1 pd Raygun[Berserk][0/0/0/20|40] ------------------ 3 pd Raygun[Charge][0/0/0/5|50] -------------------- 3 pd Raygun[Geist][0/30/35/0|45] -------------------- 2 pd Raygun[Hell][0/40/0/0|40] ----------------------- 2 pd Ripper[Hell][45/0/0/0|40] ------------------------ 2 pd Vulcan+2[Blizzard][0/40/25/0|35] -------------- 2 pd Vulcan+9[Charge][0/0/0/0|30] ------------------ 3 pd Vulcan+7[Mind][0/5/0/0|50] --------------------- 2 pd Vulcan +8 [0/25/40/0|45] [Hell] 3 pd Vulcan +4 [0/5/0/0|40] [Charge] 3 pd MAG'S DEVIL'S TAIL [5/174/21/0] [M&Y,Farlla,Pilla] - 11 pd GENESIS [5/0/0/195] ----------------------------- 11 pd Marica [13/133/54/0] [M&Y,Farlla,Golla] ------- 9 pd Diwari [Olive] [5/145/50/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 14pd RoboChao [Green] [5/124/71/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Leilla | Pilla] 14pd Devil's Wing [Cyan] [10/0/18/172] [Estlla | Leilla | Mylla & Youlla] 12pd Dreamcast [White] [5/0/0/195] [Empty | Empty | Empty] 13pd Sato [Turquoise] [5/137/58/0] [Mylla & Youlla | Estlla | Pilla] 14pd Cell mags Ashura Mag Cell ----------------------------------- 2 pd Heart of Angel ------------------------------------- 1 pd Heart of Morolian --------------------------------- 1 pd Kit of DREAMCAST -------------------------------- 2 pd Kit of Genesis -------------------------------------- 2 pd KIt of Hamburger --------------------------------- 1 pd Kit of MARK3 -------------------------------------- 2 pd Kit of MASTER SYSTEM -------------------------- 2 pd Kit of SEGA SATURN ----------------------------- 2 pd Love Rappy's Beak ------------------------------- 2 pd Panther´s Spirit ---------------------------------- 1 pd Tablet ---------------------------------------------- 1 pd Combinable Blue-Black Stone --------------------------------- 28 pd Magic Rock "Heart Key" ------------------------- 28 pd Frames AURA FIELD[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4] ----------- 1 pd AURA FIELD[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 0] ----------- 1 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 6/EVP: 6][Slots: 4] ------- 2 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 3/EVP: 2][Slots: 1] ------- 1 pd CRIMSON COAT[DEF: 1/EVP: 1][Slots: 4] ------- 1 pd ELECTRO FRAME[DEF: 16/EVP: 3] [Slots: 1] --- 2 pd FLOWEN'S FRAME[DEF: 8/EVP: 10][Slots: 0] -- 2 pd GUARD WAVE[DEF: 13/EVP: 2][Slots 0] -------- 2 pd KORE'S SWEATER[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] --- 6 pd RED COAT[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] ------------- 2 pd SACRED CLOTH[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 2] ------- 2 pd SACRED CLOTH[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 0] ------- 2 pd SELECT CLOAK[DEF: 8/EVP: 1][Slots: 0] -------- 1 pd SELECT CLOAK[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 1] -------- 1 pd SPIRIT CUIRASS[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 4] ------ 2 pd SPIRIT GARMENT[DEF: 4/EVP: 3] [Slots: 4] ---- 3 pd SPIRIT GARMENT[DEF: 4/EVP: 1] [Slots: 2] ---- 3 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 22/EVP: 32][Slots: 0] ------ 2 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 18/EVP: 15][Slots: 0] ------ 1 pd STINK FRAME[DEF: 0/EVP: 0][Slots: 0] --------- 1 pd Kroe's Sweater [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 2] 6pd Kroe's Sweater [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1] 6pd Shields DB'S SHIELD[DEF: 8/EVP: 5] ---------------------- 2 pd HONEYCOMB REFLECTOR[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] ------ 2 pd RICO'S EARRING[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] --------------- 10 pd RICO'S GLASSES[DEF: 0/EVP: 0] --------------- 18 pd STANDSTILL SHIELD [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] ---------- 1 pd YATA MIRROR[DEF: 4/EVP: 7] ------------------- 1 pd Techs Barta 20 ------------------------------------ 1 pd Foie 20 ------------------------------------- 1 pd Gibarta 20 --------------------------------- 1 pd Gifoie 20 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Gizonde 20 -------------------------------- 1 pd Resta 20 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Shifta 20 ----------------------------------- 2 pd Zonde 20 ---------------------------------- 1 pd Resta 30 ----------------------------------- 1 pd Units Centurion/Body ------------------------------ 2 pd Centurion/HP -------------------------------- 2 pd Centurion/Technique ----------------------- 4 pd Heart Container ----------------------------- 4 pd Perfect/Resist -------------------------------- 2 pd V501 ------------------------------------------ 2 pd V101 (3) 5pd V502 (1) 5pd V801 (2) 4pd Materials HP Material ---------------------------- 99x 16 pd Mind Material -------------------------- 99x 13 pd
  6. Seriously... you get dropped into this futuristic help desk area and you have NO clue what to do. Not only that but the keyboard commands are so wonky it makes you trip over yourself. Help is appreciated (and not "make a room" if I knew how, I would) because I am brand new to this. Thanks,
  7. Good evening fellow BB players! Glad to be back in such an amazing community of one of the most memorable games. I was introduced to the game a few years back on the original Xbox. My friend loaded up the game and after such an intro, the music just wrapped up the rest. I always kept coming back to it even after the servers were taken down. Private servers would start coming up and I played those as well. It seems no matter the time that has passed, this game will be the best nostalgia trip I'll always look forward to. Glad to be back and ready to take on the world with a new character along with the same friend that got me into it. If anyone has any beginner tips that could help us out, do feel free to drop it down below, any advice would be greatly appreciated. If anyone would like to join, message me anytime.
  8. Hi guys! This is my first time playing Phantasy Star Online. I hope we can play together if anyone is interested.
  9. Hi guys, i started PSO yesterday. I have to say the community is really nice so far. Im a HUcast on lvl 42. I did some TTF Ultima games and high lvl ppl helped me out. Should i continue with ttf games or what is the best way to level ? And what my equip should look like ? Rocking with a Pallasch +2 right now. Should i play on hard or stick with normal to a certain level ? Thank you!
  10. Popular setups Among Fo's: Coming Soon...
  11. I downloaded the Ultima Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst launcher and I started the game but the game itself wont load, all I see is a black screen for an instant then it closes. Can anyone tell me what the problem is and how to fix it? I tried looking for a solution but none of them work. Can anyone help me please and thank you!
  12. Hi all, I played PSO back in the day on dreamcast, and now found this great site. can you tell me as a level 1 player what is the best place to start .. (i dont want any handouts just pointing in the right direction or missions for my level ) i tried the first mission ultima and died on spawn . can you play the normal game missions ? thanks and hope to see you in game
  13. Hey everybody! Just started a few weeks ago, not even level 20 yet with all the school i have (last session of college, super busy and no life woo~) Anyway, it's my first PSOBB experience as well as being my first online experience ever in PSO. I used to play the gamecube version 1 & 2, max level i got is what... 145-150? Before i got a corrupted file haha. Ahh old consoles. I usually play force human male but heard techs arent too good on this server so i dont know if i should reconsider. I'm also aware i'll have quite the learning curve to go through as my previous experiences were me finding my gear but now being in a server, the comunity innevitably leads to "maxed" gear and hyper performance. I'll have to see in due time. Anyway, i hope to have fun in the game, bring back the nostalgia and feels of this great game, i'll see you all in game eventually. Lister Riot
  14. Hey there guys!!! I switched Servers from Schtserv to Ultima yesterday and so far, im very happy about that! The Community seems to be friendly and helpfull. Also, it's not as desolated as schtserv. The main reason why i started that Topic is because i lack of knowledge. I played PSO like 6-7 years ago on my gamecube. Offline, on my own. Got a HUcast to lvl 70 in like 1 year of playtime. (idk if this is good or bad. But it was hard to beat everything on my own) I'm pretty happy that i can Play PSO again. this time with mates! So here are my questions!: 1. I started as a HUcast. I just recognized that the start is pretty rough as a meele. Got someone to help me and reached lvl 33 in like no time. But im overthinking my decision on playing a HUcast. Is the Hunter class any good in the endgame Content? I feel like all i can do is singletarget damage. Would it be better to Change to RAcast or a FO class for endgame? 2. If i stay with HUcast, what weapons should i go for? There are various good weapons, but i dont know which will be the best im my case. I dont wanna singletarget Mobs forever. What are the top Hunters here playing with? 3. How fast will i Progress? Is it neccessary to search for help for ttf or can i Level on my own at a pretty decent Speed? Would another class help me Progress faster? 4. I heard of weapons Like Agito or Monkey King Bar but i dont think they were obtainable on the GC Version i played. Are there weapons that are not in the game? Is it possible to find every weapon or atleast trade them? So far so good. I would appriciate every single answer. TY guys, i hope we will meet ingame. I'm really excited to Play with some of you in the High-Level-Content.
  15. Hello I just started playing PSOBB and i was wondering if anyone could help me with what missions i could do to help level up! Any other tips would be greatly appreciated. Every person I have encountered so far just ignored me so I came to the forums for some help!
  16. LFG: PSOBB Requirements: Able to meet at least once a week, Ok with being streamed, able to use skype, cooperation would be nice too. Preferred Language Spoken: English
  17. Hello everyone~ Just been to this server for a week and love here very much (especially the Best GM Cyane!!! hahahha). Finding here have been developed long time, would like to play here as a perm player. Please pm me to level/hunting together in game. Main Character: DE_CHYMO, DEMONCHY The following will write in Chinese for finding any people coming from my place haha. 有華人要一起玩嗎? 很久沒碰PSOBB了,有興趣的pm我吧。
  18. Okay so unlike some people who ask for impossible things and don't offer any ideas on how to implement them... most of the ideas I will offer I have personally implemented on my own local server and they took less than 10 minutes each to do so. Some are incredibly fun to play with. Weapons/Items Transmutation Stone (TS) - Use item for some of the items below... Bumstick - HU-only melee weapon, uses a rifle model but is a rod or partisan or something but only hits 1 target. No Special. Can use TS to turn into Boomstick. (doesnt need explanation.) Boomstick - HU-only melee weapon that explodes on impact and can hit up to 10 targets. Burning or Chaos Special. (just create a new bazooka weapon and change the range, targets, model, skin, and animation to that of a melee weapon, or modify a non-used bazooka like the ano bazooka or meteor rouge.) Psychogun - Twin Psychogun with TS used on it turns it into this handgun, it retains which characters it is usable by, gains an ATP and ATA boost and retains its special. The special is a great launcher alternative for HUmar and HUnewearl. (Duplicate Twin Psychogun and make it a handgun animation and whatnot.) Chained Gun - RA-only rifle that shoots slicer projectiles that bounce off of 4 enemies. Does not combo. No Special. (Create a new slicer and change the animation to a rifle and give it a rifle model. And combo lock it.) Chaingun - Use TS on Chained Gun for this stronger, combo-unlocked variant. Tempest or Chaos special. (Self explanatory.) Mindless Punch / or / Distracted Punch - either HU-only, FO-only, or fleshie-only weak fist type weapon, no special. (Nothing special here.) Mind Punch / or / Focus Punch - Use TS on Mindless Punch. Fist type weapon with mechgun range and hits 5+ enemies. Either Spirit, Geist, or Chaos special. (make a fist weapon and change the range and targets.) A Series of Tarot Cards for FO only, using TS on one changes it to the next and eventually back to the original, in the following order. The character will hold the card up and hit 5 enemies almost mechgun range in front of them. (Create a melee weapon that doesn't shoot projectiles, give it a card model and skin, and a handgun animation, make it have 75 range{mechguns have 85} and like 70 horizontal angle or whatever feels right, and hit 5 targets. {It will look like the FO is holding the card out and "magically" hitting the enemies in front of them.}) THE FOOL - The strongest Tarot Card. Has no special. THE MAGICIAN - Second strongest. Geist special. Increases MST as well. THE KING - Third Strongest. King special. THE DEVIL - Medium Strength. Devil or Demons special. THE EMPRESS - Weakest. Charge special. THE HANGED MAN / or / DEATH - Medium Strength. Hell special. JUDGEMENT / or / STRENGTH - Medium strength. Spirit special. Not all have to be used but they do give variety. They can also have different ATA and ranges or # of targets, as well as boosts or nerfs of different stats like DFP and EVA. Can boost different techs as well. Mystic Talisman - FO-only weapon. Casts lightning from their hand. No special. Drains TP while equipped. (Duplicate Maser Beam with handgun animation and fist model and skin.) Arcane Hex - Use TS on Mystic Talisman. Hits multiple target. No special. Drains TP while equipped. Maybe combo lock? Boosts Gizonde. (if you use Maser Beam and increase targets, it will fire multiple lightning bolts. or you can use Power Maser and it will shoot 1 chaining lightning bolt.) Alternatively, you can make something similar to a tarot card like above but have the special shoot gizonde so you kill two birds with one stone. (Just use Duplicate Sigh of a God as the initial weapon.) Damaged Katana - Moderately strong katana weapon. Dark special. (Description will read something like, "Once wielded by a legendary samurai, it is now a shadow of its former self.") Samurai's Spirit - Use TS on Damaged Katana. Strong katana capable of hitting up to 3 targets in a 360 degree radius around the character and with advanced range. Hell special. Boosts EVP and/or DFP greatly (Easy enough to make, except I'm not sure on the limits for boosting EVP and DFP. the description should read something like, "Invoking the spirit of a legendary samurai, you can make quick work of even three enemies at once.") Falcon Punch - Either a fist type weapon or a rocket punch type weapon built from a bazooka for an explosive result. (UNNAMED) - A RA-only shot type weapon that shoots either 4 or 5 piercing launcher projectiles. No special. Combo locked. (take a launcher, give it a shot animation and 4 or 5 targets, set appropriate range and angles. {I haven't tested this thoroughly on Caves boss so it may be super OP on him in particular...}) (UNNAMED) - Use TS on above and it weakens it but combo-unlocks it, can switch back and forth with TS. Maybe chaos or gush special? (This could be the only actually useful shot type weapon for damage dealing purposes.) Devil Harp - Use TS on Angel Harp. Hell Special. Can either be female-only or all. Shuriken - A very powerful clone of the flight cutter with extended range and only hits 1 target. Special can be Demons or Hell. Hades - A very powerful bazooka. Demons special. Hellfire - Use TS to switch between Hades and Hellfire. Weaker and combo unlocked. Devils special. Candy Cane - FO-only cane type weapon, skinned as a candy cane. Use TS on Lollipop. Moderately strong, 3 targets, with extended range. Has an inherent speed boost like a sugar rush. Special is either gush or geist from eating candy, or berserk from the sugar rush. (Create from that claw with the speed boost or sonic knuckle. You know the rest...) Briefcase - Briefcase skinned Marina's Bag, for men. Can have the same boosts or be completely different. Divine Favor - FO-only rod or wand that Boosts ATP and ATA by 1 but boosts DFP/MST/HP by 100+ and has divine punishment special. Can boost some techs as well if it can all fit on one weapon. should be difficult to get, possible PGF on a wand? Divine Punishment damage increases with MST so it is powerful on FO's (Create from Heaven Punisher duplicate, change animation, model, skin, range, etc.) Leviathan - Useable by all. Use TS on Demonic Fork. Becomes a very powerful partisan with extended range and attack angle and height. Phoenix Feather - Can only be used on a lvl 5 or lower mag, creates a Phoenix mag that when it becomes lvl 200, gets a use functionality that sets it to lvl 0. (could stay a phoenix or could turn back into a normal mag. I've seen the use functionality based on level done before but I never looked into how it was done.) Ultima Cell - Creates an "Ultima" mag, you can decide which model and skin is appropriate, should be a very good mag, possibly with 70% activation rates like the "Dreamcast" mag. Angel's Tear / or / Angel's Feather / or / Angel Dust - Creates a "Halo" mag which is just the Angel Ring model over the character's head. Rebirth Stones - Stones have different colors (Sky Blue, Viridian, Yellow, etc.) only characters above a certain level can use them, maybe above 150 or 180 or 200 only or even above 200 if that becomes a thing. Levels down to 0 and changes the section id to match the stone. It's not all that different from recreating the character but at least you can keep the name you like, your techs, and your mats. (I've done this without the section id so idk if that part is possible but the rest is.) Other Harder Difficulty levels. (Have another ship, alter the monster stats {including XP} so that normal mode is stronger than regular ultimate mode. Continue increasing difficulty on the new ship's hard - ultimate modes. {For the drops, since it would be time consuming to come up with an appropriate drop chart for these harder difficulties, just set it to a 1/1000 chance for a pd on normal and decrease to 1/100 on ultimate. Keep in mind, how much harder ultimate is than normal on the regular ship is, these monsters will be that much harder than the ultimate monsters on the regular ship so 1/100 will still take time and skill.}{you can work on a new drop chart to replace the pds at some point if you want as well...}) Higher character stat progression. (To keep up with the difficulty increase, characters should have higher max stats. To reach those new max stats, characters should either have greatly increased material capacity or be able to level higher than 200. If opting for the first choice, keep in mind it will get progressively harder to max higher ATA since there aren't materials for it.) 200 Luck. (This one I'm actually not sure if it is possible but since 100 luck = 25% chance for critical, 200 luck could work. If I remember correctly though, the game is hard coded to ignore anything after 100...) More quests - You can move all passive quests to the new ship to make room for more quests on the normal ship. You can also create new quests on the new ship which would inherently be very difficult because of the powerful monsters. Casino Quest - Has slot machines of different denominations. Has a 10,000 coin machine, a 100,000 coin machine, and a pd coin machine. Gives a random item from monomates and other similar things to any random tech disk drop on any difficulty (so it would automatically be more likely to give lower and mid level techs) to any random weapon drop on any difficulty (so it could be a ???Handgun that tekks to Bind or a ???Laser that tekks to Arrest and can have hit and possibly stats over 50 but is unlikely by default.) and has a small chance to give pds and unique rares. The prizes scale up based on machine. For 1 pd you have a very small chance of getting things like heavenly units/cent ability, heaven punisher, guld, bkb, msi, and other similarly valued weapons and even bunches of pds like 5 or 10 or 50. Maybe 1/500 - 1/1000 chance. But on the other hand you are way more likely to just get regular untekked weapons and low or joke rares like lollipop, bamboo spear, or that stupid throwing coin thing(Kan'ei Tsuho) with random percents, and you could even just end up getting an antidote for your hard earned pd... (Haven't made this quest in particular but it shouldn't be terrible to do, will take a few hours though.) Lvl 10 s/d and j/z for HUmar and RAmar respectively. If not 10 then at least more than 5... (You actually can do this on the crack ship only and have a quest that gives the tech disks for free that they can do each time they switch ships. When they switch back to the normal ship, the techs should disappear.) Higher tech lvls for FO's - Don't know the implications of something like lvl 40 megid but I know it is possible to allow forces to learn it... The disks can be special rewards or event drops only or drops on the super hard difficulties. (Again could be only on the new ship but idk what will happen if they go back to the other ship... probably would set to 30) Okay so I'm probably forgetting some really good things but this is plenty for now lol. Forgive any spelling and grammar errors, I have not slept. And Finally I apologize for not using spoilers, I don't know how, I almost never post on any forums but something made me decide to today. Any moderator can feel free to put spoilers and clean this up as they see necessary. Thank you for reading!
  19. I am setting up a local server to be able to help troubleshoot new developments to the ultima server. I am new here in general but I am pleased with my experience so far and would be happy to help however I can. Also, I listed some new ideas and want to show how they can be implemented. I had made one on an old computer with the pioneer2 files but they are gone now. I downloaded the files on http://psobbshaeo.jimdo.com/but I ran into a problem when hex editing the executables. What I did on my old local server was find the ip address sodaboy put ( or something like that) then edit in my own. But on these files I can't seem to find the ip address. The client is titled crystal-argo, and I guess is different than the regular one sodaboy released forever ago. It probably has a different ip address and I am wondering if anyone knows what it is, or has a download link to the original tethealla client. I apologize if this is in the wrong section but I couldn't find a more appropriate section that would let me start a new topic. Thanks in advance for any and all help!
  20. I'm not requesting the ogg pack per se, but I'm curious whether there is an interest for this. I had previously made a pretty great ogg pack from the Rockman Collect Zero 1-4 remastered CD's, but have lost the original projects and the audio files from the CD's themselves. (I used a combination of audacity and winamp [lol] to play around with the different files and looping and got it sounding pretty seamless in comparison to the original. ) Since it will probably take some time for me to find all this stuff and go through the huge collection of songs for good PSO-fitting ones (4 games worth, plus a bunch of remastered and recut versions... O___O ) I'm a huge fan of MegaMan Zero, and all of the Mega Man games in general, so I will probably be doing this anyway, but I thought I'd ask around here and see if there is any interest in this pack from the community. (Obviously I'm a bit lazy about finding the files right now, but if I see even a few people have an interest I will track them suckers down and make the best Ogg pack I can in the spirit of goodwill. ) Also I am just the biggest MegaMan Zero fan you guys, seriously. *edit* Also I feel like I should point out I don't own any of the stuff I'm messing with, for posterity of course. That honor goes to Keiji Inafune, and a bunch of really talented folks at IntiCreates. (Possibly to Capcom as well, not sure how all that publishing and IP law stuff works )
  21. Didn't saw any topic about this year. How about a thread where you tell your resolutions for this year (still early right?), can be everything game related or life related. 0. Becoming more manly than I already am - check I'm already fully manly 1. Getting better at art 2. Opening my own design company/business 3. Making new resources for PSO 4. Find the last gear (necessary) for my chars (missing 5) Curious about your resolutions, let me know it might inspire me!
  22. Just signed up. I havent played PSO alot except on Dreamcast long ago. Looking forward to playing. It is great to see people still enjoying this game online!
  23. Hi all. I'm a very big fan of PSO, been playing since the Dreamcast days. Unfortunately most of the private servers on DC are pretty much empty. That's why I'm here, to get some nostalgia and play a really kickass game. Although it does get a little boring playing alone. Any low levels wanna start playing with me? Or start a new character and play? I would love to get back into the world of PSO, and I feel that this is my chance.
  24. I have an idea of how to choose a weapon most people will love. It also evolves the whole community. There should be a topic where everyone can post there item that they would like to see in the game. The gms can set the detail like the perimeters. Then the gms will choose the six ones they think are the best. Then everyone will vote on those six and the person who came up with the idea will get there name in the description or item's name. It will encourage everyone to post something because who doesn't want their name in an item's name or description? I hope one day this could happen!!
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