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Found 7 results

  1. Hey guys These items are for sale/trade and all of them are somewhat negotiable. 🙂 If you buy more than one item, maybe I'll get you a discount ;D So feel free to dm me I will keep this list updated whenever I get something new :3 Happy shopping/trading! ❤️ I accept DTs as well as PDs. My trade ratio would be 7(PD):1(DT). My wishlist: PDs/DTs obviously , Sonicteam Armor, DF and Ten Years Blade Keep it clean
  2. A lot of you have played here for a long time and are probably tightly knit with some others around here. Think to yourself about one of the closest people you have from here. I want you to put into words how you came to befriend each other, describe how you've helped each other and the best memory you have. It doesn't matter whether or not it's related to PSO. I just want people to surprise someone else with their gratitude. If you participate, you'll receive something nice from me as well (: but only if what you write is honest! I'll start... @griffeni and I started talking some time back in 2015. I distinctly remember him constantly in the lobby trying to get into the left pillar with the jank lobby counter glitch. Once he finally did it, I noticed him and commented on how he "beat the game" and he can retire from PSO. He thought it was funny and we just kinda talked ever since and started playing from that point on. Griff is kind of a shithead, kind of a dumbass, but at the end of the day trying to be a good friend and that's all I could ask for. I think I'm there to pick his mind when something is on his mind and he does the same for me. I have a plethora of good memories with him. We've gone camping together, gotten drunk and shittalked about life, people and women endlessly, made fun of each other, played endless amounts of games and so on. That's really all I could ask for in a friend. I'll always keep on checking in with the homie no matter how many years go on. This is really an example of what I'm looking for from some of you. Just write whatever you want about whoever you want (in a friendly way of course). I know I talk a lot of BS here, but I believe in doing something positive from time to time. Hope to hear from you all. Much love. - Patrick
  3. Valentine's Event 2019 is now Active! Didn't find any present to give to your darling? It's not too late! Valentine's Event is back with all its lovely items! It is time to hunt some gifts for your lover! (It is also time to hunt for singles) Returning Items Last Swan : combine this with Master Raven to make Dual Bird. Master Raven : combine this with a Psycho Black Crystal to make Psycho Raven. Rambling May : a unique weapon for women that hits twice per shot. Rianov 303SNR series : numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. Bamboo Spear : pretty sure you will like the sound of this bamboo spear. Butterfly Net : how many butterflies can you catch? Zero I guess. Great Bouquet : make sure to give your sweetheart a nice one! Amore Rose : show everyone to what extend you love your partner. Dress Plate : this armor for men is usable at level 1 and its 70 EDK will make sure megids become a distant memory for you. Heavenly/TP : +100 TP Genpei : a shield which look depends on your section ID. Magic Rock Heart Key : no longer waste 50 PDs with Paganini to get those. Photon Booster : yeah, Paganini is a scammer. Blue Black Stone : make one of the Ultima exclusive combinations* Love Rappy's Beak : use this on any non rare lvl 50 mag to make a lovely pet: Love Rappy Charged photon blast trigger: Invincibility 10% HP trigger: Invincibility Boss area trigger: Invincibility Solo mode death trigger: Reverser Activation Rate: 50% Blue Black Stone Combinations Bloody Art => Blood Tornado Type: Dagger ATP: 550 - 600 ATA: 70 Grind: 33 Special: Demon Usable by all classes Crush Bullet => Crush Cannon Type: Shot ATP: 100 - 200 ATA: 50 EVP: -30 Grind: 25 Special: Gush Usable by all classes Dragon Slayer => Sil Dragon Slayer Type: Sword ATP: 600 - 650 ATA: 70 EVP: -15 Grind: 35 Special: Blizzard Usable by all classes Main Event Drops SLICER OF VENGEANCE Type: Slicer ATP: 470 - 525 MST: 20 ATA: 30 EVP: 25 Special: Charge Usable by all classes GLIDE DIVINE V.00 Type: Rod ATP: 185 - 550 MST: 55 ATA: 34 DFP: 80 EVP: 100 RES: 15 EDK, EIC, ETH, EDK, ELT Special attack: Anti level 3 Special use: can restore TP and reduce HP to 1 when equipped for 10 consecutive minutes Foie: +200% power Barta: +100% power Zonde: +100% power Combo unlocked Usable by all Forces RICO'S PARASOL Type: Partisan ATP: 250 - 300 ATA: 40 Special: Charge Shifta: +100% range Deband: +100% range Resta: +100% range Usable by all male characters LINDCRAY Type: Rifle ATP: 800 - 1200 MST: 35 ATA: 75 DFP: 20 Special: Spirit Resta: +100% range Anti: +100% range Usable by all Forces and Hunewearl Good luck! Event will end on March 10th, 2019. Credits to @FALC0N for the banner Discussion thread
  4. Hoi! Magic Rock "Heart Key" is dropping for this event and I've seen plenty of people wanting to make items from it. Getting an Invisible Guard for Safety Heart is easy enough from BPD1 (rappy route - hard) but some folk seem to be struggling to get the Spirit Garment to make the Love Heart/Sweetheart. You can hunt it from several enemies but the drop rate isn't too great. For all you folk that have been spamming Sim 2.0 (EP 1 - multimode - ultima) THERE IS ANOTHER WAY!!! Sim 2.0 is only available on ultimate btw. Finishing the run gives you "secret tickets" (you also sometimes get them for finishing stages within the run. I usually end up with about 4 or 5 per run) but what do you do with them??? You go to EP1 - oneplayer mode - side quests and load this: Once the quest has loaded go to forest 1 and talk to the guy by the gate. Answer the top option when prompted and he'll unlock it for you: Ignore the wandering rappies for now and talk to the one sitting on the wreckage. Pick the top option again: Now talk to one of the other rappies. Pick the top option once again and you'll be given a random item from the list of rewards: If you want to get back to Pioneer 2 after this just talk to the rappy on the wreckage again and he'll reopen the gate. Here is a list of rewards that I managed to pull from the web. I've not been able to verify all of them but seems correct enough. Maybe a GM can confirm this at some point? All weapons are 0'd and all armour is min just like BPD. I just ran through 45 tickets in about an hour and got 2 Spirit Garments. This has been my first guide. Hope you find it useful. NOW GO GET LOVED UP
  5. Valentine's Event - 2016 The time has arrived once again, so show we can protect the safety of our lovers hearts! All this rambling, may give me a little heart attack but it's all ok, because this event will be a tension blaster! Once again our hunters will face ferocious enemies in order to get their lovers beautiful presents! It's hunting time! I feel rappy in my pants! The provisory items were now removed and... New items were added: LOGiN BUTTERFLY NET GREAT BOUQUET BAMBOO SPEAR DRESS PLATE HEAVENLY/TP RIANOV 303SNR-1 RIANOV 303SNR-2 RIANOV 303SNR-3 RIANOV 303SNR-4 Coming back once again! -SLICER OF VENGEANCE -GLIDE DIVINE V.00 -RICO'S PARASOL And the most waited weapon for this event Lindcray! ATP : +1200 DFP : +20 MST : +35 ATA : +75 required MST : 836 EVENT IS ACTIVE Your banner is the first clue!
  6. Welcome to "This is a Horrible Shop!" Yes this is pretty bad, but I don't care! Just love me! Wants: DTs (Definitely) PDs (Definitely) Trades (Maybe) Cent/Mind Glide V.00 DM (lol nope) Cent/battle (LOL nope) Grant lv.25+ Blood of a 1000 Demons (Idk roll with it) .....thats really it WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is MY SHOP! So if I want to give you a really good deal, shut up and take my money! Don't come all up in here saying "You should of charged a lot more!" Hush up! It's my life!. (I will post prices and more items later on...pretty tired. Feel free to PM me about any of these items in stock!) Hunter Weapons: DB's Saber 10/0/0/0/0% Flowen's Sword 0/0/0/0/0% Blade Dance 30/0/0/0/0% Blade Dance 0/0/30/20/0% Vjaya 0/0/0/0/0% Vjaya /0/10/0/0/0% Diska of Braveman 0/5/0/0/0% Diska of Braveman 0/0/0/5/0% Diska of Braveman 15/0/25/0/% Elysion +8 15/0/0/0/0% Red Saber 10/5/0/0/0 Red Saber 15/0/0/0/0% Red Saber 0/20/5/0/0% Red Saber 15/0/0/0/0% Red Saber 25/0/35/0/0% Red Saber 25/0/0/0/0% Sange 0/0/25/0/0% Demolition Comet 0/30/0/0/0% Yunchang 0/0/0/0/0 Last Survivor 10/10/0/0/0% Bloody Art +14 0/0/25/0/0% Gae Bolg 25/0/0/15/0% Gae Bolg 0/15/5/0/0% Diska of Liberator 0/40/0/30/0% Photon Claw 0/0/0/30/0% Photon Claw 0/30/0/0/0% Silence Claw 25/10/0/0/10% Double Saber 0/20/0/0/0% Twin Brand 0/30/20/25/0% Stag Cutlery 0/5/0/0/0% Brave Knuckle 0/30/20/0/0% Flight Cutter 25/0/0/25/0% Chameleon Scythe 0/0/0/0/0% Yamato 0/5/0/0/15% Asuka 10/15/0/0/0% Lame D'Argent +35 20/0/0/20/0%* (3512 Kills) (Maybe) Jizai +40 20/0/0/20/0%* (Maybe) Daylight Scar +25 0/35/0/35/0%* (Make a decent deal) Ultima Reaper +12 0/30/0/35/0%* (Make a decent deal) Double Cannon 0/0/0/35/25%* (Make a good deal) Tsumikiri J-Sword 0/30/30/0/0% (Better be a Great deal) Ranger Weapons: L&K14 Combat 0/20/0/0/0% Inferno Bazooka 0/0/0/0/0% Inferno Bazooka 35/30/0/0/0% Inferno Bazooka 0/0/15/0/0% Frozen Shooter 10/0/0/20/0% Frozen Shooter 15/35/0/0/0% Frozen Shooter 0/0/0/0/0 Frozen Shooter 15/15/0/0/0% Frozen Shooter 5/5/0/0/0% Frozen Shooter 20/20/0/0/0% Frozen Shooter 25/0/0/0/10% Guilty Light 0/0/15/0/0% Guilty Light 0/0/40/0/0% Red Scorpio 10/0/0/0/15% Varista 0/0/15/0/0% Bravace 0/0/15/0/25% Bravace 10/0/0/0/0% Bravace 0/0/0/0/0% Wals-MK2 0/0/0/0/0% Wals-MK2 0/25/20/0/0% Wals-MK2 0/5/0/0/0% Wals-MK2 0/0/35/0/0% Justy- 23ST 0/0/0/35/0% Justy-23ST 0/0/0/0/0% H&S25 Justice 5/0/0/0/0% Final Impact 0/25/20/0/0% Final Impact 0/20/0/0/0% Ophelie Seizw +6 0/0/40/0/0% Rage De Feu 0/0/0/0/0% Master Raven +9 0/0/0/0/0* (Maybe) Hell Needle +70 0/0/0/0/0% (Make a good Deal) Armor: Congeal Clock 1 Slot Star Cuirass 0 Slots Sense Plate 0 Slots Guard Wave 1 Slot Luminous Field 4 Slots Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou 4 Slots Sacred Cloth 4 Slots Kroe's Sweater 1 Slot Shields: Light Relief Lv.17 Red Ring Lv.150 (min) Kasami Bracer Lv.112 Purple Ring Lv.81 Anti-Dark Ring Lv.80 Techniques: Foie Lv.7 Shifta Lv.8 Megid Lv.11 Rabarta Lv.12 x2 Zonde Lv.15 Shifta Lv.15 Zalure Lv.15 Megid Lv.15 Resta Lv.18 Zonde Lv.18 Rezonde Lv.20 Rebarta Lv.21 Zonde Lv.21 Zonde Lv.22 Zonde Lv.25 Zonde Lv.27
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