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Found 17 results

  1. Hey all been quite awhile sine either me or rayblasterx have been on, just wondering how all of you are doing and how the hunts are going. we might come back for a bit to walk down memory lane, and when we do hope to see everyone. -dw
  2. Boomerang 0/0/0/30 40 hit 20 Dts Boomerang 40/0/0/0 35 HIT 15 Dts Sacred Bow 40/0/0/40 35 HIT 15 Dts Sacred Bow 25/0/0/0 20 HIT 2 Dts If you are interested send me a pm
  3. Offer all for YAS 100 Soul 0/0/35/0/30 Halo Rappy Soul x2 Psycho Black Crystal Centurion/Battle 90 Pds 7 DTS send me pm for speak
  4. Holaaa, resulta que al momento de sacar los 4 noob/hp de mi banco, he caido en DC y al volver a entrar, he perdido 1 Necesito ayuditaa porfi :c pso1503197277.bmp
  5. Got a few things here for you dinguses. What I'm asking for is what I want, no negotiations. Unless you want to give me more, because I'm cute. Wedding Dress - 10 dts Rambling May - 30/25/0/0 5 pds SOLD Rambling May - 40/40/40/0 5 pds SOLD S-red's Arms 15 pds Slicer of Fanatic - 0/0/40/30 10 pds Asteron Striker - 0/0/0/30 20 pds SOLD Psycho Black Crystal - 10 dts
  6. Iron Faust 100/0/100/0|80 Yasminkov 9k 80 hit Demons Type SHot80 hit Hell Arrest Needle 45 hit Heaven Striker 75 dark 50 hit and 50 dts willing to negotiate but I think this is already close to fair value trade. PM me
  7. Looking for a crush bullet with any combo of native/beast/dark/hit with 30+ stats Offering pds/dts or other weps/items just ask ty dw
  8. Buying a white sato PPP hucast mag nvm Looking to trade a 45machine 55 hit dragon slayer for another one with similar stats in beast/dark/native/hit
  9. STEAM ONLY Selling this stuff for roughly 50% of the price in dts. Send me a PM to make a deal. Note: Bundle things up and get a discount. INFERNO GIRASOLE [30/0/0/25|0] 10 steam YASMINKOV 9000M +10 [0/0/0/0|80] [Demon's] 30 steam WEDDING DRESS x1 [DEF: 100/EVP: 40] [Slots: 4] [max] 10 steam Proof of Sonic Team x3 10 steam or 3 for 20 Blacklist (People I don't trade with): FlashBack512 (Scammer)
  10. The sooner you get to me, the sooner you can get paid lol I wont be on to play at all for a few weeks at least unless someone pms me and it will only be for the trade. Hmu with a price and ill give you an offer back or accept your price outright if its good.
  11. hey as the title sais im selling post pm me offers as i will be more likely to see that than replies to this thread but your welcome to post here aswell and i might notice thanks
  12. so i bet you all want this pgf thing ammirite? well i got one this year and these where what got me pgf 1. praising dw every day 2.praising the almighty winter solstace 3. killing olga with ease 4. running seabed with friends on individual (faster than rt even with people) 5. getting munny no seriously getting so many meseta drops from olga you wouldnt belive 6. trolling other people in the room with red boxes at olga after he is killed (not only wuill this make it go faster for you you will make it go faster for everyone else just ask syn) 7. ???????? 8. profit and that ladies and gentleboomas is how you get pgf so sais dw
  13. MG+ - Sold Rabarta lvl 30 - Sold MilleM 0/35/30/0]70 - offer Lame D'Argent blank - 7pd's Wants: pd's/dt's, Chromatic orb maybe other things.
  14. Need 30 luck mats 1:1 rate pm/reply got eem
  15. This is dw ------------><-----------------dw likes it when you buy stuff PM/Reply/whatever works Offer dts on these: Slicer of Vengeance 0/0/45/45 Lindcray 0/40/0/0 Glide Divine V.00 35/0/35/0 No0b hp x3 Ogre/Power ++ And the rest 1st come, 1st serve Wedding Dress (min) 15dts Kroes Sweater 20 pds S-Red's Blade 10pds Arrest Arms PGF ready 50/0/50/0/50 10pds Heaven Striker 0/0/45/30 9pds Heaven Striker 0/0/0/45 7pds Baranz Launcher 7pds Asteron Striker 50/0/0/25 10pds Crazy Tune 0/0/0/45/35 (idk maybe someone wants it :v ) 2pds Nug Bazooka 80 hit 1 pd Various lvl 29 techs and mag cells : 1 pd
  16. Welcome my children. This is what dw has for sale. Prices are in pds but will also accept dts. Will keep updating this list until the end of time. Thank you. WEAPONS Asteron Belt+9 0/0/0/35 (don't know what its worth but its an event wep so 5 pds?) Asuka 0/0/0/15 1 pd Agito (1975) 0/0/40/0/35 2 pds Daylight Scar+25 25/0/0/0/40 4 pds Demolition Comet 0/45/45/0/45 2 pds Demolition Comet 0/0/0/0/25 1 pd Flapjack Flapper 95/0/40/35 (I have no idea what this is worth.) Geist Diska+4 0/0/35/30/35 (does anybody want this?) Glide Divine 0/0/35/30 15pds Inferno Bazooka 0/0/0/0/20 (free) Red Saber+78 20/0/15/25 2 pds Madam's Umbrella 0/0/0/0 2 pds Imperial Pick 35/0/25/35 2 pds Kamui 0/0/0/0 1 pd Rage de Feu 0/0/50/0 2 pds Stealth Sword 70/0/0/0 2pds Summit Moon+2 0/0/0/5 1 pd (reserved) UNITS Ogre Power++ Harness the power of Shrek (Offer) (selling all the cure units together for 1 pd) Cure Poison Cure Paralysis Cure Slow Cure Freeze Cure Shock V801 1 pd (reserved) Wizard Resist 15 pds Centurion Power 1 pd Centurion Arms 5 pds TECHNIQUES Lvl 15 (selling all of them for 1 pd) Razonde x3 Gifoie Gibarta Zalure Lvl 20 (selling all of them for 1 pd) Razonde x4 Gifoie x3 Rafoie Gibarta x2 Zonde x3 Resta Barta Rabarta Lvl 29 (1 pd each) Foie x2 Resta Deband Gibarta x2 Rabarta Lvl 30, 6-7 (1 pd each) Resta Anti lvl 6 x2 Anti lvl 7 GRINDERS (rate 1:15) MATERIALS (rate 1:5) Power Mind HP Luck Materials x40 (rate 2:1) MAGS Sato 5/150/45/0 no twins 10pds Sato 5/150/45/0 (has twins) 15 pds MISCELLANEOUS Amplifier of Shifta 3 pds Amplifier of Rafoie 3 pds Proof of dw (offer)
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