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Found 8 results

  1. Thanks for everyone who contributed in the drop table. The official drop table has been released so I decided to write it down for reference. So here it is: Arrest Booster Olga Flow - Ultimate - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Viridia Greenill Bluefull Pinkal Redria 1/256 Kondrieu - Ultimate - Ep4 - Big Pit (Subterranean Desert) Skyly Purplenum Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/292 Asteron Striker Zu - Ultimate - Ep4 - Crater Surface and Subterranean Desert Viridia Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Oran 1/1137 Pyro Goran - Ultimate - Ep4 - Subterranean Desert Greenill Bluefull Redria Yellowboze Whitill 1/975 D-Photon Core Olga Flow - Ultimate - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Skyly Purplenum Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/64 Frozen Booster Merikle - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA/Tower ALL OF THEM 1/512 Hand of Justice Delbiter - Ultimate - Ep2 - Seabed/Tower ALL OF THEM 1/512 Mr. Naka's Business Card Dark Falz - Very Hard - Ep1 - The nearest place to heaven (Ruins) Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal 2/73 Vol Opt v2.0 - Ultimate - Ep1 - Monitor Room (Mines) Viridia Greenill Skyly Bluefull Pinkal 3/64 Barba Ray - Ultimate - Ep2 - VR Temple Final Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 1/32 Sonic Magazine Booma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 21/100 Gobooma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 6/25 Gigobooma - Normal - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 21/80 Booma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 3/49 Gobooma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 7/100 Gigobooma - Hard - Ep1 - Forest ALL OF THEM 16/209 SonicTeam Armor Shambertin - Ultimate - Ep4 - Meteor Impact Site (Subterranean) ALL OF THEM 1/292 Sword of Ultima Gi Gue - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA/Tower Viridia Greenill Bluefull Yellowboze Whitill 1/640 Ul Gibbon - Ultimate - Ep2 - CCA Skyly Purplenum Pinkal Redria Oran 1/525 Ten Years Blade Sword of Ultima + Psycho Black Crystal Tyrfing Sinow Blue - Ultimate - Ep1 - Mines ALL OF THEM 1/758 Ultima Bringer's (Rifle) Dark Falz - Ultimate - Ep1 - The nearest place to heaven (Ruins) ALL OF THEM 1/146 Ultima!'s engine Olga Flow - Very Hard - Ep2 - Test Subject Disposal Area (Seabed) Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 2/85 Da Ral Lie - Ultimate - Ep1 - Underground Channel (Caves) Purplenum Redria Oran Yellowboze Whitill 2/85 Gol Dragon - Ultimate - Ep2 - VR Spaceship Final Viridia Greenill Bluefull Skyly Pinkal 1/32 Last year's list by Lemon
  2. I am wondering whats going on its been about a week of all day huntings and I have done over 150 runs of mu4 and 50 of lhb plus the dorphans at least 300 of them. no drops. at the beginning of the event I droped and barely ran, went on vacation got back and this happen.
  3. Here are The numbers for Technique Disk drops. http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1004
  4. Please use this format: Drop - Enemy - Difficult - Section ID - Episode Don't edit your post to add more confirmations, just make a new post. Summer Drops Soul Booster Psycho Black Crystal Centurion/Battle Centurion/Legs Centurion/TP Centurion/Technique Trap Search Blood Sword Zanbeacon Regular Drops
  5. Hey everyone! I just finished making this Drops Search Engine. I made this for myself primarily, but I hope others may find it useful. The existing tools are slow or clunky and make searching tedious for me. Here's some additional stuff I might add later: Searching by map (forest, caves, etc.). Often, I want to know what I can get in a specific map or which map an enemy belongs to. Searching by whether or not an enemy is rare. Linking to enemy descriptions. DAR, rare enemy spawn rate. Probably won't show this, since I don't really need this info. Range searches on numerical fields (like Avg Kills). Quick-add the first suggestion when you press enter. Currently you have to either type it out or select it with mouse or arrow keys (annoying!).
  6. I went to grab my 7 photon drops out of my bank. I got logged out, and when I logged back in, they were gone.
  7. I'm sorry for writing this question, it may have already been answered before. I am still new at playing this game online and am learning that your ID really makes a difference in what items are dropped for you. I just wanted to know if all section ID's have a shot at all the rares coming up in this event, but with different monsters, or will some ID's not be able to get same rare items that will be dropped for this upcoming event? I am just asking because I just found the list of rares for the events and I already see a bunch that I need and I wanna be able to get them myself.
  8. I'm looking to buy v502 unit. I will be paying in photon drops. Also looking for hell handguns and rifles with hit. Comment if interested and we can negotiate.
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