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Found 8 results

  1. After a long time i finally meet him again and had a nice lil talk. But i hope we will see u on Ultima again^^
  2. Cobalt12

    PSO2 Team

    Hello again (birds fly, sun shines, and brother: I'm back from the dead! etc.) With the release of PSO2 and the rather shonky business involving getting it over here in the EU and USA I was wondering whether We could get everyone from Ultima, and band together as one big group for PSO2, just a thought. Put your suggestions below into the name (and other things) of this team below
  3. Hey, has anyone had the chance to try out Phantasy Star Online 2? Do you think it is good or will be good? I'm a bit curious about it, but I haven't really had the chance. Is it just online or does it have the duality like PSO did on Gamecube and such? Thanks guys.
  4. So yeah, that's coming, and I think we should start a team, as we are like-minded people? right? RIGHT??? Anyway I'm thinking of starting a team should we find a way to organise ourselves. So what do you think?? :3
  5. Larva

    PSO2 Skin Client

    THIS POST IS ORIGINAL FROM @K_I_R_E_E_K SKIN CREDITS : ECHELON PSO2 Inspirat A project to transform PSO BB into PSO2. Several aspects will be edited, including sounds, loading screens, title screen, hud, menus,..... Overview: If you want to participate in the mod contact echelon at univer-ps, he can give you resources such as textures if you want. Files changed: DOWNLOADS http://www.univers-p... ... ?l=870&t=d /!\ Please backup the original files, this download will replace sounds, loading screen, title screen,..... Individual downloads: PSO 2 hud: http://www.mediafire...xhl5f6j9ymrph22 Gothic Lobby 11: http://www.mediafire...l3lm74pw30o83oo Ideas and opinions are welcome. Keep in mind the title screen made avaiable here is similar to the one i made, but instead of "BlueBurst" it says "2", if you want the title screen with "blueburst" instead then visit this: http://www.univers-p... ... 4#skin_862 I have translated the text to english and reuploaded the exe with the files, if anyone knows a good hosting service then let me know. As my personal opinion, best PSOBB hud i have ever seen, obviously most of the work comes from PSO2, but the adaptation was made perfectly and this was actually the only hud that made me change from my previous one. Believe me, few huds reach the quality presented here.
  6. Well I just receive my invitation for PSO2 Beta test. so i will be playing.. mainly i will only play friday and saturday, but I wonder who else of ULTIMA is going to be there?
  7. Ok i was on youtube and i found a video about PSO2 on the new WiiU here is a link of where the dude got his info : http://ca.kotaku.com...reams/gallery/1 i think this is fake cus. 1.the top pic has a PSO1 HUD but you can go watch videos of alpha for pso2 and see the HUD is so much more sexy then the top pic 2. the bottom pic shows PSU HUD and weaponHUD 3. the top pic is one of the 1st pic showen of pso2 about a year ago anyway all you trolls what do you think would you buy a WiiU and PSO2 for it, do think its a lie or not.
  8. ai esta o link depois que criarem postem as fotos de seus chars http://download.pso2.jp/PSO2_CC.zip
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