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  1. I feel bad to those who have to continually deal with this server attack...

    1. Sylph777


      yes i agree ....



      I mainly feel bad for the guy doing it ^^ and for the people who lost valuable items during that 5-Day rollback

    3. ChrisWolffe


      I haven't been able to get on recently so I have no idea if I lost anything...I think it's all stupid.

  2. Was fighting Dark Falz when the server crashed...looks like I'm going to have to go through Ruins again, more EXP and item I suppose

  3. After playing through the game and reading all of this, I do have to say that this is all very impressive and that the story is not too dissimilar to Aliens or the prequel Prometheus, both of which have pretty amazing stories. It's amazing how many stories actually have an apocalyptic atmosphere about them, but in reality we tend to ignore the signs and continue to destroy what resources we have regardless of how many stories are essentially underlining the future for us. Just an interesting parallel. I think a lot of people miss the story because the story, unfortunately, is subtle to the
  4. oh man, Joshua Alves, I've never played on a dreamcast and the original phantasy star was before I started really playing games. I think the first system I owned was a Super Nintendo and the first games was Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past. I think the first time I heard PSO was in a magazine because my brother and I were looking for another co-op or even two-player game besides the typical fps or such. I think it was from the fact that we had started to get into Final Fantasy IX as two-player and we wanted something along those lines.
  5. Yeah, I know what you mean chuk. It's easy to think you're the best when you wipe out single player AI pretty easily but when you go against Human players, either cooperatively or against, you start to where you stand...sometimes, at least in my case, not very high, haha.
  6. Yeah, it works fine with the PsoBB.exe file except it kicked me off with a client/synchronization error. Thanks for all your help chuk
  7. Well, I just decided I to click on the PsoBB.exe and go to it directly like that and it seemed that that got me past the 903 Error. It gave me I think a 913 Error which was that the server is full. I went under my antivirus according to the FAQ section and allowed all of them to be allowed accessed. For some reason it's just when I go through the Online.exe launch screen. I'll try again later and see if I still get the 913 Error. It seems like you think I shouldn't change the file names though unless absolutely necessary. I will let you know if I can get on after the 913 Error goes away.
  8. Thanks Evie123 and srojasq, appreciate the offers, might take you up on that sometime. So far it's been excellent, for levelling, already at 50 or so after a few days.
  9. Thanks King Ra and Kolective. It really is unfortunate that was also the time my brother and I got to about 90% completion on Metroid Prime and then corruption.
  10. Thanks massblade03, hope to reclaim some of my original character's former glory
  11. My name is Chris and I just recently joined in playing PSO online. I'm a graduate student in architecture so I don't necessarily have the most abundant time to play so the experience boost is really nice because I feel like I can get somewhere pretty easily without having to grind. I played PSO on the Gamecube way back in about 2003 or so and loved the game. Played it with my brother and got my character up to about level 110 and then the file on the memory card got corrupted. That was a dark day. After that, I never really played it intensely and became more of a "hey bro, let's play Min
  12. Grasshopper is not being friendly to me...

  13. Thanks for the reply. I am running the online.exe and I believe I am running it as an administrator. However, I only see the cPsOn.pat, cPsOw.pat, PsoBB.pat, and PsOBw.pat. I'm guessing I need the online.pat file...is there someway to get it? As far as it fixed today, it's the same issue. I've tried to get on just recently and it told me that it gave me an error code and told me the server must be down, but it is not.
  14. Hey, Bare with me as I try to explain, but I'm not able to get on, everytime I attempt to Start Game, it goes through it's typical patch search but then when I press enter, it stops and then says it can't connect to the server. I know there was a server problem earlier, but it seems to be online as of now, but I'm not able to get on there. When I went to the C-Panel earlier, it told me I was not connected to the database. Everything else is telling me things are fine, it's just the act of starting the game. Has anyone figured it out or am I missing something completely obvious? Thanks fo
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