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Found 21 results

  1. So id say im pretty experienced with this game for the most part. But some things still haven't been fully grasped by me. For example i only just figured out Mag feeding a while ago. Today something else has been brought to my attention. The materials. Y'know like the HP ones, def and all that. Yeh. I've just been haphazardly using em when i find em. See i assumed this was okay cause i thought you could use em till they raised said stat as high as the game would allow it to. And then it wouldn't allow you to use anymore or something. But now im seeing in some guides i've been looking at that supposedly the amount of material uses is limited and that your supposed to plan out how many you use and the like. So basically going about it the way i have has probably screwed up my RAcast AND HUnewearl's stats if this IS how it works. Can anyone enlighten me about this? And if i totally have screwed my poor Cast and Hunie is there a way to reset the uses and stats to default so i can try planning it out? My Hunie is only like level 89 so i wouldn't mind having to start her over. But my cast is level 130 and it took AGES to get him there. I cant reset him without murdering my soul.
  2. Hydro needs to pay the electricity bill! So I am opening a shop All items can be purchased with either PDs or DTs. Willing to trade BBS and Heart Key for a Chromatic Orb. Characters and Guildcards: hydrodmt : 42156510, mysterium, Tereianne : 42159494 Feel free to PM me for prices, buying and reservations. Thank you for browsing my shop!
  3. Hi, its james again. I am revamped and ready to post. glad to be speaking again. FinalPacman spends lots of time at work on calculating[1]. eg. it takes over 20 runs of path to salvation on redria farming crushbullet. still wont find one with hit. drops are 2 to every run sometimes 3 and tallying drops[2] eg. using blue star memories or other quest for pd. a person can tally 3-5 pd an hour best case scenario. worst case would be 2 every 1:0 mins, or workflow[3]. eg. usually on a normal day there is approx. 3 to 5 hours of free time this can get close to 5-10 pd value. He often forgets to use the forum, i being a big part of blue light, i appreciate my time on the server. the game has treated me well and i have learned to better function on the computer/ Recently i found that school, employment and relaxing things take up most the young adult life. Me being a landscaper ill will be taking off in the near months, the rain shall pour and the material will be a plenty to scape. Gladly i have spent my winter working on the number of hours it takes to gain material grinders and various rares. The last adventure i took in the recent two days, gathering information such as it takes 4 hours and 30 mins to gain 99 powmaterials on greenil, hu. the mission to gather was easy going and worth the value of 5:1 ratio. this was recently the quota=3>1pd, originally on the server in past. power materials can make a huge difference for a intermediate leveled hit fo or exceling ranger. advice for new players is to gain pd to buy from bystander player. using blue star memories. which brings me to the topic, of the value of pd, it being a consumable in the market. It also can provide service if paying a higher ranking player to grind for you via purchasing rares or actually hiring a player to help. this would be leveling requires patience and a helping hand, i jacky in game am available to help if you ask? pd at one point had more value, since there has been quest(can not remember the name) Int. Defense Systems (ep 1 Ultima quest) }to gain multiples of 3. donation tickets to pd is another conversation. gradually building pd can be fun. i I look forward to hearing yalls thoughts about this topic, i would speak more; there is to much going on and need to stay focus. this is my general thoughs right now. the blue burst can be a great source of utilizing time and proof of work. talk to you later :keep your eyes open and your mind on task and continue gaming. i look forward to the future adventures.
  4. Selling mats at 5:1. HP material x99 Power material x99 Mind material x99 Selling luck mats at 1:1, or 22 DTs for the lot. Luck material x150
  5. Buying 150 mindmats at 6:1. Also buying 30 luck mats 1:1. Pm/reply how many you have for sale. Thanks for viewing. -Dino
  6. B>Def Mats 10:1 PM Me Thanks
  7. Cross


    Hello friends, I wanted to ask you what recipes u know, I mean the amount of materials that you can put (hp, def, pow, materials mind) on characters for a HUnewearl, HUcast, HUcaseal, RAcaseal and RAcast
  8. I have the following up for trade 2 God/Minds, 2 Cure/Confuses, 1 Heavenly/Mind, 9 Mind Materials, 15 Evade Materials, 4 HP Materials, 3 Hildeblue's Heads, 4 Booma's Right Arms, 4 Rappy's Wings, 2 Amplifier of Foies, 1 Amplifier of Barta, 2 Stink Frames, 8 Monogrinders, 1 Digrinder, 1 Trigrinder,1 Magic Rock Moola, 1 Star Amplifier and 6 Photon Tickets. I am trying to get Level 27+ technique disks (except for resta, I already have it level 30). 2 AddSlots and Defense Materials. PM me if you want to make a trade and specifically what you are offering. Thanks
  9. I need 120 Pow, 30 Luck, and 125 HP (I think that's cap for RACast) materials for my new dood. PM or Post with rates if you are in the market to trade em' off! <3
  10. So, perhaps it's my lack of forums surfing, but I have not been able to find a very solid price checking location for materials. Perhaps we can come together and do some checks/ balances on all the materials below and put a price together? I am seeing quite a bit of wavering in prices in the trading area of the forums and obviously there is a difference in prices, especially like Mind vs. Luck. Can we put a community price check on: Mind: Power: Luck: HP: Def: Evade:
  11. 4 to 5 mats per PD. Hit me up.
  12. Items -------- Photon Drop (x84) HP Material (x404) 7 HP: 1 PD Ratio - 125 for 15 PDs Tellsius (5/155/40/0) (Twins/Farlla/Pilla) - 18 PDs Wants --------- PDs Wedding Dress Centurion/Battle -------------------------------------------------------- - Can PM me or post here - your choice.
  13. 5 for 1 SALE! Pay 1 PD, get 5 items! RABBIT WAND 0/0/0/0NUG2000-BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/15/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 5/25/0/0 LAST SURVIVOR 0/30/0/0 VIVIENNE 0/0/0/0 Arrest Diska +4 0/35/0/0/40%Hit SANGE 0/10/15/0 ANO BAZOOKA 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 H&S25 JUSTICE 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/0/0/0 BRANCH OF PAKUPAKU 0/25/0/0 WINDMILL 15/0/0/0 VARISTA 0/15/0/35 BLADE DANCE 5/20/0/0 CUSTOM RAY ver.00 0/20/0/0 BRAVACE 0/0/0/5 Chaos Laser 0/0/50/50/30%Hit Hell Laser +14 50/0/0/50 Gush Laser 0/50/0/50/30%Hit Berserk Laser +1 0/0/0/25/20%Hit Demon's Vulcan +1 0/0/0/15 Charge Striker 0/50/0/50/30 M&A60 VISE 25/0/20/0 L&K14 COMBAT 5/0/0/30 L&K14 COMBAT 0/15/0/15 L&K14 COMBAT 15/0/0/0 L&K14 COMBAT 0/0/0/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/25/0 METEOR SMASH 0/0/0/0 ICE STAFF:DAGON 0/45/0/0 ELYSION 10/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER +9 0/0/0/35 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/20/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/25/20/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 0/0/0/-5 FROZEN SHOOTER 5/0/0/0 FROZEN SHOOTER 15/0/0/0 PHOTON LAUNCHER 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/0/0/35 GUILTY LIGHT 0/20/15/0 TALIS 0/0/0/0 Holiness Armor (4 Slots) FLOWEN'S FRAME (0 Slots) DB'S ARMOR (0 Slots)SACRED CLOTH (2 Slots) STAR CUIRASS (1 Slot) CUSTOM BARRIER ver.00 SECURE FEET YATA'S MIRROR x2 Amplifier of Barta God/Arm x5 God/Body God/Mind x4 HP/Revival x5 Cure/Slow x2 Heavenly/Battle General Battle Abuelita/BattleDelsaber's Left Arm Hildeblue's Head x8 Grass Assassin's Arms Gobooma's Right ArmRappy's Beak
  14. ¿Hay algún tipo de limite a la hora de consumir materials?. ¿Es un limite para cada material por separado o es un limite para todos?. Soy un FOnewm. Es para no utilizarlos de una manera inútil xD Disculpen las molestias.
  15. raikiri

    S> Stuff

    Chain sawd 0/30/25/0 Chain sawd 0/30/30/40 red slicer 15/0/25/35 x65 grinders 83 mind mats 30 evade mats 17 hp mats 16 def mats foie lv 27 resta lv 27 Panther Spirit its not much as of now xD
  16. Cleaning things OCD hitting.. Weapons LAME D'ARGENT 25/0/0/25 -8PDERP or offer ZANBEACON 40HIT -1PDERP OR 5 POW MATS -> not sure where it is Spirit Diska - 70 hit - offer Slicer of Fanatic 25/0/0/25 -1PDERP or 5 pow mats/ Armour VIRUS ARMOR:LAFUTERIA offer AURA FIELD 1pderp SENSE PLATE -1pderp MATERIALS EVADE MATERIALS 15:1PD DEF MATERIALS 15:1PD MIND MATERIALS 10:1PD SAFE Grinders Special > 99 trigrinders 15PD 15 grinders = 1pd Amplifiers Amplifier of Gibarta Amplifier of Rabarta Amplifier of Red Amplifier of Blue Mag Cells Kit of GENESIS 1pd Kit of SEGA SATURN 1pd Tablet 1pd Heaven striker Coat 1pd Rappy beak 1pd Ashura Mag Cell 3pd Rocks/Stars Magic Stone "Iritista" 1pd Star Amplifier 1pd ADDSLOTS 4addslots 1pd PM or Message me here for them
  17. Please Buy Something! Lemme know if you see something you like. Melee Weapons with HIT Lords Gungnir 0/0/0/40/25 - 2 PD's DIska of Liberator 0/0/30/25/25 - 2 PD's DIska of Braveman 20/15/0/0/30 - 3 PD's Diska of Braveman 25/0/0/0/35 - 2 PD's Arrest Gungnir 0/0/0/0/30 - 3PD's Ancient Saber 0/0/25/20/30 - 3 PD's Cross Scar 0/5/0/0/10 - 1PD Yamato 0/0/0/0/20 - 2 PD's Guns with HIT Lords raygun 30/0/0/30/30 - 3 PD's Charge raygun 25/0/0/30/35 - 4 PD's Charge Laser 0/0/15/020 - 2 PD's Charge Laser 0/0/0/30/25 - 3 PD's Charge Gattling 0/0/0/5/45 - 2 PD's Gush Vulcan 0/0/20/0/30 - 5 PD's Devils Vulcan 35/0/0/25/20 - 5 PD's Arrest Vulcan 0/30/0/40/25 - 5 PD's Charge Arms 0/35/45/0/30 - 4 PD's Havoc Arms 0/40/0/40/45 - 5 PD's Freeze Arms 0/0/10/0/25 - 3 PD's Justy 23ST 0/0/30/0/40 - 5 PD's Custom Ray ver.OO 0/25/0/0/35 - 2 PD Guns Without Hit Baranz Launcher - 8 PD's Spread Needle - 5 PD's Gi Gue Bazooka - 10 PD's Shields Vol Opt Virus Sheild - 8 PD's Standstill Shield - 2 PD's Yata Mirror - 2 PD's LVL 25 + Tech Rabarta: 25,27 Zonde:26 Jellen:26,28 Razonde:26 Gifoie:26, Foie:26,27 Gibarta:26 Resta: 27,28 Deband: 27 Barta:28 Materials 40x Mind 40x Evade 60x Def 94x Grinders
  18. Looking for PD's let me know if your interested. Materials Mind x35 Def x55 Evade x45
  19. Please buy something! Feel free to barter. Mag Grey Sato lvl 100 (5/50/45/0) - 8 PD's Melee Weapons with HIT Lords Gungnir 25 hit - 2 PD's DIska of liberator 15 hit - 1PD DIska of liberator 25 hit - 3 PD's DIska of braveman 30 hit - 4 PD's Stag Cutlery 20 hit - 2 PD's Ancient Saber 30 hit - 3 PD's Cross Scar 10 hit - 1 PD Yamato 20 hit - 2 PD's Guns with HIT Charge Railgun 50 hit - 2 PD Lords raygun 30 hit - 3 PD's Charge raygun 35 hit - 4 PD's Charge Laser 20 hit - 2 PD's Charge Laser 30 hit - 3 PD's Charge Gattling 50 hit - 2 PD's Devils Vulcan 20 hit - 2 PD's Berserk Vulcan 35 hit - 4 PD's Arrest Vulcan 25 hit - 2 PD's Charge arms 35 hit - 4 PD's Charge Arms 30 hit - 3 PD's Havoc Arms 45 Hit - 5 PD's Freeze Arms 25 Hit - 3 PD's Frozen Shooter 15 hit - 2 PD's Frozen Shooter 25 hit - 3 PD's Justy 23ST 40 hit - 5 PD's Guns Without Hit Baranz Launcher - 8 PD's Spread Needle - 5 PD's LVL 25 + Tech LVL 25 Rabarta - 1 PD LVL 26 Foie - 1 PD LVL 26 Zonde - 1 PD LVL 26 Jellen - 1 PD LVL 26 Razonde - 1 PD LVL 26 Gifoie - 1PD LVL 27 Rabarta - 2 PD LVL 27 Foie - 2 PD LVL 27 Gibarta - 2 PD LVL 27 Resta - 3 PD LVL 27 Rabarta - 2 PD LVL 27 Deband - 2 PD LVL 28 Barta - 2 PD LVL 30 Shifta - 4 PD Ampifire of Barta - 2 PD's Ampifire of Gizonde - 2 PD's Materials 35x Mind 45x Evade 20x HP 55x Def
  20. Let me know if I can sell you something! Materials Power Mats x15 Mind Mats x25 Evade Mats x25 HP Mats x10 Def Mats x35 Grinders : 30
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