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  1. Happy dadgum birthday ya whippersnapper.

  2. Actually Larvs, I might start up playing again. Actually did last night with an old buddy. Had my share of Nostalgia running Ye Olden TTF. Such Memories. So murder. Wow.
  3. Salutations person I don't know but now have met.
  4. I dunno, I just might. It's been so long, and enjoying the nostalgia trip thus far. Most the games I got are kinda dry and bland right now. Maybe some oldstyle is what I need anyway.
  5. ...I notice you STILL haven't re-replaced the read/unread logos with the ones you had me make. lol That aside. I dunno why, I guess it was an old friend talking about his days playing here, but I came back and visited after... Geez, how long has it been? Either way. Not sure how long I'll hang around. But figured I might as well say howdydoodles to the 2 or 3 of you who still play back when I did. lol
  6. Sup Larvs. Yeah been awhile man, gotta come back and tell everyone howdy once in awhile. I've been good myself. Playin' some other MMOs. Black Prophecy and Firefall mostly. How's Ultima doin'?
  7. Widescreen, ohboi. Now Vypor will look like a RAcast dwarf. Short and fat. ...Instead of tall and fat. Hurrr
  8. Man, there's probably been so many small patches since I last logged in. lol I still miss this place sometimes though.
  9. I'd challenge you to a duel but that'd mean I'd have to actually login. Hurrrrr
  10. Was it ever NOT? How about RAcasts doing Very Hard TTF's with nothing but the lollipop?
  11. Oh no, that's welcome to YOU.
  12. Oh those silly noobs. LK38 is just a novelty item anyway. lolololol
  13. No I'm not back. I just decided to say hi again. Trolololololo But I digress, I do miss ye olden days on this game.
  14. Clearly, you have never heard of ME. P.S. Learn how to spell correctly before you crawl into MY forum, begging for attention. For SHAME.
  15. What is Cyberspace? Easy. Watch this. You're welcome. : ) Now then, on to srs bsns. Cyberspace, is a risky place. It is made up of ideas, pictures, videos and words put there by the millions of people who make up the general populous of "The Internet". Some say it is a danger, some say it is safe (The naive ones do). But in the end, it really depends on where YOU go, and what YOU do and say that makes it a safe or dangerous place. Dating sites are definitely a risky endeavor, as there are so many people trying to disguise themselves as someone else. But I am not against dating sites, I know several people whom have met their spouses on dating sites, and have happy marriages. I support SMART people using dating sites. But back to people pretending to be someone they aren't. On the internet, you must always be aware of that, and ready for it. Sometimes, it could be those whom you considered your closest friends. Trust me, I had it happen before, ironically, the time that comes to mind actually happened here on Ultima. But alas, that is a tale for a different time. Either way, there is much you can say about the internet. And there is also very little you can say about it. It is infinite, and infinitely changing. And it should stay free. Also, it is a series of tubes. That is all.
  16. Silly noobs. Everyone knows it's actually "IWishIWasLikeVyporButIKnowThatIsImpossibleSoImaGoCryInTheCornerNow". Any other questions? Cause I know the rest of your passwords are the same, only with varying numbers at the end just like all those generic YouTube usernames. Godric was just lucky enough to be first.
  17. FOR TRADE BIG DEAL TO YOU "LOVE IT YOU WILL" -Yoda OMG LOOK AT ALL THESE FLIPPIN' COLORS <- Except for that one, ew. whatadealomg! ULTRA BIOPELIGRO SUPER MUCHO HEART ATTACK SALE!!!1!!1!! I have a Calibur, betches. Now what you gonna do? Ok so I lied. ...The sale is for my prized Shock saber. vwoom vwoom WILL ONLY ACCEPT PGF AND GULD MILLA AS TRADE!!1!!ELEVEN1!!1 Look for Poopeater McWigglesworth in the lobby. He will Tell your future make the highly delicate transaction. Also: THE GAME
  18. I've been playing Oblivion actually, and I captured the soul of this ancient "Umaril the Unfeathered" evil king dude. Then I wasted it for fun enchanting a rusty iron dagger and named it "Umaril's Wasted Soul". What a fate. Truly gamer hell is becoming an NPC in the games I play.
  19. Sup man, welcome to the funny farm. If you're lucky, you might actually see me login at some point during your life. : D Okay okay, I kid. I actually log in at least... Two times a year maybe.
  20. Always a pleasure my good man. What would Ultima be without my constant interruptions anyway?
  21. I came by because, you know, every Christmas I gotta come over and be a pain show Larva how to spell these things right. Christmas is full of good presents here at Ultima! Starting from the 10th of December, Special drops from bosses PLUS: St Rappy will be dropping The Mag ELENOR St.Rappy can be found in ep2 in Temple, and is a rappy who mugged Santa wears Santa Claus' outfit. [insert preferred term of amusement here] Here are the drops for the bosses. My work is done here. EDIT: Title should be "December Event 3rd Anniversary" FELIZ NAVIDAD LARVA
  22. Haha, indeed my friend. It certainly has been awhile hasn't it? I remembered this place recently and decided to say howdy to ya'll. As for Rappies, well I suppose I could do that too. But I prefer "Booma-Eviscerator".
  23. And why sir would I ever stray from such a thing? kekekekekeke
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