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  1. My inventory seems bugged. I have many items that I do not recognize which I have assumed are items that I already had and have been updated. For instance, my Agastya mag is now listed as an al rappy? But I also have several that I know aren't right, like a wedding dress; I would've remembered getting that. The biggest problem though is my missing heavenly/arms. I know I had at least three and now I only have one. What I'm most confused about is that in the last few days, I've been using my dual bird and I just moved around some of my equipped units because they seemed weird, and now I don't h
  2. pso world says no, but it has been wrong before. Can a Hucaseal use it?
  3. 1 ATA (not sure if that's 1 or 2 DEX levels)

    150 power

    the rest defense

  4. WHat are the new reqs for the mag if you still want it knowing my price?

  5. So when I'm looking at the drop rates on pso world, some say they are the drop rates for psobb on the pc and then on the same page, just a little further down, there are the drop rates for pso episodes 1 and 2 for the pc. which chart should I pay attention to for ultima? Essentially I just want to know if my oran can obtain an imperial pick or not.
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