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  1. Are we going to see Egg rappies / new items introduced in the near future? Perhaps have a fun event where Sil dragon and Dal ral lie are boosted! Lets not make dumb 1 hit Belra damage but make faster and lots more hp haha would be awesome. But yeah anything interesting coming up?
  2. I want to see an upgrade to DoubleCannon.. because its special is useless on ULT.. black king bar is a clear winner. Here's what I posted.. We need an item to upgrade the DoubleCannon! Tough rare drop (Syncesta Crystal) use on a Double Cannon with 20k kills -> Syncesta Cannon. * Able to grind * It's special is a true 360 blast with power of hard attack and long range and normal attack accuracy. * Does not consume hp Remains Double Saber type ATP: 650-725 ATA: 60 Grind: 40+? ATP Req: 1000+ ATP Descript: A mysterious ultimate weapon containing the legendary Syncesta Crystal. It's mysterious abilities are no longer limited. Atm ranger is so much better... hunter for me is so hard to solo. Get swarmed in all directions and doublecannon is still useless with weak special lol.
  3. lmao pso2 much better!? Riiiiiight. I played more than enough to know pso2 is really just dress up online 2, terrible item system, very generic. environments not all special from the areas. And since the IP ban now its a pain to just get on. But if you enjoy it then good. But imo should have never been named pso2 period.
  4. I got it no problem on my first try doing it
  5. ah then so no happy hours today i assume. dam lol. keep us posted larva
  6. Working .. Loving My Wife & Daughter <3 ...

  7. can i have a D-photon core? lol