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  1. Hello all, selling a few items Millie Marteaux+12 0/0/40/0/35 (5dt) Asteron Striker 55/0/0/55/70 (60dt) Anti-dark ring (10dt) Adept x 2 (25pds) Collector item: Book of Hitogata (rare drop / cosmetic item) Mostly looking for pds and dt.
  2. EP2 ULT, Whitill Central Control Area Sinow Berill Item: LOGIN EP1 ULT, Whitill Ruins, Merlan Item: Amore Rose
  3. Ep1 VH Forest, Skyly, Al rappy, Amore rose
  4. Hi guys, is me again. I was wondering, if I open a room for Whitill red ring TTF, do i need to change dropstyle to shared in order for others to benefit from my ID? Thx
  5. Hi guys, when is the proper time to do central control area for leveling? Sometime I see room opened for cca but it's all high level in there XD so I don't know what the accepted level range to join. Also same question for ult ttf. I'm currently a lvl 115 ramarl, bought some gears with donation from another player, and also kinda new to pso. Thanks
  6. hi, how much pso2 mesta for Tsurumikiri J-Sword 0/0/100/100/70hit Sealed J-Sword 0/0/0/0/20hit i have around 500m
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