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  1. For Account [redacted] E-mail is webbsvox10@gmail.com GC#42219599
  2. Hi Sheik Turns Out I Need The Cent/Battle You Have After All. (my bad😀) Let Me Know When We Can Trade D
  3. Ultimate 4 Desert Yellowboze Kondrieu **Non Event Drop Whitill (same)
  4. I Don't Know. Never Happened To Me Before. D
  5. Hello About 2 Hours Ago I Donated To The Server. The DTS Have Not Been Posted To My Profile. Is This A Bug Or Something Else? Thanks In Advance D
  6. Pm Me D Already Made The Trade Close Please
  7. Sending You The Dts Now, Need Room & Pass D
  8. I'll Take The Heaven Striker With 40% To Dark Please D
  9. Please Close 😀
  10. PM Me With Price In Dts. D
  11. VH Mines Viridia Sinow Gold Cent. Body
  12. Ult. Crater Astark Whitill Cent. Body
  13. Del Rappy Yellowboze Ult Crater Ep4 Cent/Hp
  14. Sending The Dts Now. I'll On After With Sean
  15. Hi Kotta You Got Another Red Ring For 7 Dts ? If You Do I'd Trade D
  16. Hi Saber How Much In Dts For #4 Dark Meteor W/ AB&Dark ? D
  17. I Got The Same Message Too, I Deleted Her & It !
  18. Sending The Dts Now, Name Of Room ?
  19. That's Good When Can You Trade I'll Do 5 Dts D
  20. How Much In Dts For 97 Yas & 146 Heaven Striker ? D
  21. Astark Ep4 Ult Crater Redria Glide Divine V.00
  22. Delsaber Ep2 Ult Spaceship Whitill Rambling May
  23. Ult 4 Crater Yellowboze Astark Glide Divine V.00
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