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  1. Purplenum-Astrak-Cent. Power-Ep4-Ult.
  2. Cent. Power Yellowboze Astark Ep. 4 Ult
  3. Thanks For The Info, Have A Great Day D
  4. Hi R-78 Have The PD Drops At The End Of The First Half In MOV Been Disabled Or Is That Gone For Good ?
  5. This Is Very Interesting Both R-78 & Zynetic Have Good Points. But Having Played On Ultima On & Off For Some Time Now, I Have To Come Down On The Side Of R-78. No Server Is Perfect But, I Like Ultima The Way It Is. D
  6. Wondering What Number Is On This Server. They Changed It, But Can't Find That Info Now Thanks D
  7. Ultimate - EP4 - Oran - Saint Million - BLOOD SWORD
  8. I Have A User Name & Gild Card Number. Forgot Password , Is It Posable To Recover This Account ? Any Help Would Be Good. Thanks Tried Auto Recover But, Says Account Doesn't Exist.
  9. Ultimate-Episode 4 -Viridia - Del Rappy -Centurion HP
  10. Ultimate-Episode 4- Viridia-St. Million-Stellar Shard
  11. Ultimate-Episode 4 -Viridia-Kondi-Girasole
  12. I Don't Know Guys, Fought Koni Twice Today & Got Nothing Of Use Ultimate Ep. 4 Virdia
  13. Ult. Epd. 4 Girtablulu Oran Fury Of The Beast
  14. Thanks For The Info Guys. I Now Know What I Want To Hunt & When D
  15. Does Anyone Know What Event This Drops On ? Thanks D
  16. Doesn't Work Tried A Few Times Nothing
  17. I 'm Wondering How To Get It Done & Who To Contact. Thanks In Advance D
  18. I Sent You A PM To Ask If You Could Do A Section ID Change. I Don't Know Who Can Do It On This Server



    1. R-78


      Any GM can do it.

      Have you tried /changesectionid yet?

    2. deadson12


      Yes Thanks I Did It



  19. Why Don't The Player's Level Appear Buy Their Names In The Lobby ? They Used To When I First Played Here Thanks D
  20. Is There A Way To Edit Your Team List ? Some Of The Team Aren't There Anymore. Thanks
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