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  1. just an fyi if you dont like the boosted exp you CAN turn it off or down to normal.
  2. Thank you that helps a lot, all ready feel like way to high a level, might turn exp off or down as far as possible while I hunt S-parts. Not sure if normal mine runs would be best, or a quest like endless nightmare.
  3. Hello everyone, im really enjoying the game so far and I apologize cause im sure this has been answered manytimes. How does the shared bank work? Can I trade between multiple accounts, am I allowed multiple accounts. Is the experience to high? I have barely done any quests and am only at the mines and Im level 35. if the level cap is still 200 wont I be max level by V.hard or just early ultimate? Or does the experience slow down a bit in later difficultys? As a bonus question I understand that the game has been tweaked so i find rare monsters more ofte but they always drop the same item is this by design or was my game glitching?
  4. and i just played for hours and got to level 12+ and im hoping it auto saves because it froze at the armor guy....fuck.
  5. Oh just got it to work i think, at least i can put in a password now Hope to cya all in the game, might take me sometime to get used to using a keyboard, may the RNG gods shine on you all today
  6. Hey everyone excited to play this game again I have been missing it for 5+ years. Im having trouble getting started whats my userID? I have registered and got a guildcard number, neither the name I registered with or my number seems to let me log in, what am i doing wrong? The name stays red highlighted red and wont let me input a password
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