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  1. I might have to be taking a break from this game as Im just spending all my time dying and its due to very annoying things happening. 1. many times there is no target on the enemies so my attack just goes right through them and then they smash me instead. 2. Im a Hucast, so I lay mines, my character loves to try and swing at the mine instead of enemies, and since Im using a multi attack weapon against a large swarm of enemies whom all have green targets on them its annoying to see them all take no damage. 3. My guy just missing the enemy because I was ever so slightly miss aligned, not annoyed that it doesnt auto line up thats fine, yet if its a box it auto lines up to the point where boxes take priority over enemies, even watching my guy turn a full 180 to attack a box instead of an enemy 4. Joy stick doesnt work for 'unfreezing' no matter how wild I swing it, yet a couple 'wasd' presses and im out, very clunky to switch from controller to keyboard. Joystick also doesnt stand me up after an attack, so I again have to press 'wasd' instead. I dont understand why the controller wouldnt work. 5. The camera contantly screws me over, right when Im about to attack or move a certain way the camera changes and now im attacking and or moving the wrong way leaving me open to instantly being surronded which in Ultimate is pretty much death. I just dont know where to go from here, Im level 123 with semi decent gear and even Ult forest, or V.hard episode 2 seems to be way to difficult for my character, and I find Im dying a lot do to the little annoyances of PSO. When I played on GC I was able to over come them easily because the monsters where so much easier, but in BB PSO enemies are buffed, so I cant afford to make mistakes. A single mistake and I am surronded and unable to move so I die. I just don't know what to do to stop dying so much. Also I have been picking away at quests, which do to my dying so much are taking forever, and I will almost be done but then out of habit that I cant seem to break I deposit mesta after doing a town run, well guess what Im now booted and have to re-do that quest. Why oh why does depositing mesta have to boot me? I simply cant unlearn a reflex that 10 years of GC PSO has instilled in me. Well thats my rant, I may be back but its to depressing dying so much and getting slaughtered again and again because of some annoying 'glitch'
  2. I usually have the game freeze when I click the armor shop guy, i just avoid him, also game boots me if I deposit mesta unless I JUST entered the game then its a 50/50 chance of boot.
  3. last time my items where glitched I re-installed the game and that fixed it for me, not sure if that'll help.
  4. This sounds great Is it all only in Ultimate or Can I play episode 2 Very hard for some items? I have a Redra and Greenil Id. If not I might be able to play in ultimate with my rederia but I doubt it.
  5. Sorry if this has been mentioned but Different color for mat boxes or make some kinda noise when dropped (just liked rare items).
  6. Hey, Im kinda stuck on what section ID to get next. I started with a rederia Hucast. I want the ranger andriod man, the mage that has all those level 20 spells, and the human female. I was thinking of making a yellowbooze, but it might be a waste, So I might make my ranger andriod a skyly to find swords, or should I just make him what ever the one was thats good for finding guns? Any input would be appreciated thanks As a side question I made one of the rare mages by having equal stats, when the stats go unequal do I lose my rare mag?
  7. just an fyi if you dont like the boosted exp you CAN turn it off or down to normal.
  8. Thank you that helps a lot, all ready feel like way to high a level, might turn exp off or down as far as possible while I hunt S-parts. Not sure if normal mine runs would be best, or a quest like endless nightmare.
  9. Hello everyone, im really enjoying the game so far and I apologize cause im sure this has been answered manytimes. How does the shared bank work? Can I trade between multiple accounts, am I allowed multiple accounts. Is the experience to high? I have barely done any quests and am only at the mines and Im level 35. if the level cap is still 200 wont I be max level by V.hard or just early ultimate? Or does the experience slow down a bit in later difficultys? As a bonus question I understand that the game has been tweaked so i find rare monsters more ofte but they always drop the same item is this by design or was my game glitching?
  10. and i just played for hours and got to level 12+ and im hoping it auto saves because it froze at the armor guy....fuck.
  11. Oh just got it to work i think, at least i can put in a password now Hope to cya all in the game, might take me sometime to get used to using a keyboard, may the RNG gods shine on you all today
  12. Hey everyone excited to play this game again I have been missing it for 5+ years. Im having trouble getting started whats my userID? I have registered and got a guildcard number, neither the name I registered with or my number seems to let me log in, what am i doing wrong? The name stays red highlighted red and wont let me input a password
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