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  1. when is the bid gonna end so we can win?
  2. i want to up grade my bid for excal 21pds now im also intrest in the mm. my bid for mm is 20pd
  3. i gotta let rr go the bid is too high. 15pd for excal
  4. lk38 combat is a great weapon to have. even if the gun can combo still couldnt match up to other great weapon like df, dm, excal. what can i really complain about the real decision its up to larva. to weather end this good or bad.
  5. not to offend anyone or disrespect anyone. this gun was great the way how it was, so lets just keep it the way it was. its not fair too those who try so hard to get the lk38 combat because of its use and special in many other ppl opinion and ideas to play the game. to some pso players its very personal thats why we are having so many complain about this gun being change. im sure it will affect alot of players because of this change. to whom it may concerns
  6. thanks for the reply i unsealed yesterday.
  7. i offer 20pd and hell needle and v502
  8. i guess the problem is fix. i drop the lame and pick it back up and then it reset the kill count.
  9. not too old still trying to unseal it
  10. after doing the 10,000 kill count and trying to unseal it. yes it unseal, but after log off and back on. the lame change back and when i check the kill count it says -32,768 kills. help me solve this problem please
  11. gotta give tj credit because he really trys and does not let it bother him even he lose over 100x. poor guy i was just testing my strenght.
  12. is it too much to ask for a roll back? the bug happen on the 2/25/12. please can i have a roll back.
  13. i dont have picture before but do have picture after.
  14. i got disconnected and the screen said couldnt find item use. i relog back in. all item became ????. please help. my guild card is 42089427 slot4
  15. i offer zamba hit30 and tjs. for your pgf
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