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    El Terror. Sasquatchin' Dominicano. El Taino. Realest Man Alive
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    Lil Foot/Majora/Memnok/Ming/Kayble/Kite/Mizuti/Onok/Celebi/Ruto/Anx/Amara/Neenja/Amoon/Mudora
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    Dominican Republic & Lawrence, Massachusetts
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    Perfecting The Moral Status Of My Soul, Having Fun, & Expressing My Freedom To Love Others

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About Me

Father, thank you for everything you do for even your misbehaved children. Sometimes, even during moments where only you can fix people's mistakes, people will still choose to curse your name before me, because they cannot understand the good things you do for others.
Father, thank you for saving my brothers and sisters in their time of need. Thank you for all the miracles you create when nobody is looking. Thank you for being the Father I thought I never had. You're my greatest inspiration. Thank you for loving orphaned children, and thank you for caring for the elderly who's children have abandoned them in exchange for time to make more money. Thank you for loving my brothers and sisters when they mock and curse your name, and when they put money before you. They don't know any better in a materialistic world such as this. People blame God for other people's stupidity and inconsideration as if nobody ever had free will to begin with.
Father, I thank you dearly for feeding poor people with the gift of life, so that I won't be full of sadness. Thank you for being the only hope I have ever known. Father, thank you for withholding your blessings from me until a moment when I am ready & able to appreciate them. Thank you for teaching me patience, so that I am able to do your will, and comfort others with the same comfort I am blessed with. I am greatly ashamed of my own imperfections, because I know that I am your son. I want to please you with all my soul in the best way I possibly can.
Thank you for another chance at life. Thank you for loving my neighbors and I more than anybody has ever loved us.

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