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  1. It's been a little bit! How much does FOnewearl gear cost now? Talkin Psycho Wand, Hylian Shield, Cent/Tech, v801, Glide v00, etc.

    I'm probably missing stuff so feel free to chip in whatever info/advice

    1. Kotta


      a clean Psycho Wand probably goes for 10-15 PDs; a Hylian shield goes for like 15DTs (not sure); Centurion Techniques are like 5-3PDs; V801 Is like 3PDs (or given If asked nicely? :'D) and Glide Divine v00 Is like... 10PDs or less?

      Missing stuff? Probably a neutron skin (additional 250 MST + 100% Resta range boost. Also has decent EDK, ELT and... Light resistance), a samurai armor (Ra tech boost by 20% + 50 LCK), or a Mother Garb+ (random 50% Grants boost [I think..] and 50% TP reduction); these are the recommended armors for nuking newmen.

      Between the Weapons with boosting abilities there are Quasar Staff (60% Rafoie; 45% Gifoie[I think..] and 120% Barta); Sacred Bow [Hell Special & 50% Grants Boost]

    2. jdhenry124


      If you're going for max si techs, a Ali's resolve would be killer, they're worth around 50pds or 8DTs. FOney also has the highest ATA of all FOs, so some hell and demons weapons like slicer of fanatic, kiss of death, samba's fiesta, etc are all good of her and make up for terrible ATP

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