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  2. In only do hunts solo. Other players just get in the way and take the loot you're after. Only time I work with other players is when doing TTF and CCA.
  3. B>DOUBLE CANNON for 10PD. Send me a PM.

  4. It happened at 12:51 AM GMT. The PDs were an ever growing storage. I reached 99 PDs in early February.
  5. Yes, I've tried that and it never worked. I think the 99x PD is gone for good. I've lost other items via the bank in the past, but they weren't as valuable (Trimates, Trifluids, etc).
  6. I was logged out from game, but was always on same block (I think). I was transferring my gear/loot between bank accounts in my PD Shop, which I've reopened on Block 01. I will correct the DT info in the OP, though. Thanks for the information. I will take screencaps in future of all my valuable gear/loot. That being said, if I don't get the 99x PDs back, I'll cry myself a river with Justin Timberlake playing through my laptop speakers.
  7. Sorry y'all. I typed that thread without thinking straight. Still recovering from the shock. The 10x DTs is an error. I meant that PDs of that value have been lost, as 10 DTs is roughly equal to 99 PDs in my eyes. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. WTF? Do you have any idea how long it took me amass this? While switching bank accounts, I was automatically disconnected when I entered by character bank. When I signed back in, the 99X PDs (10 DTs worth, in my eyes) I had deposited in common bank were gone. In Game Name: Galvanize Guild Card #: 42158013 Unfortunately, I have no print screen of when i had the items, as I don't really screencap while playing. Help me get my savings back, please! PLEASE!!
  9. Enjoy your time on the best PSO private server, bro! Also, thanks for the trade for those two Centurion/Ability units.
  10. White girl telling me to be gentle before I hit dat pussy with my big black D!
  11. My homie telling it as it is with regards to some of the secretive GMs on this server.
  12. The only item description that represents me as a thug nigga.
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