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  1. Trap search + red sword 40hit 17pd?
  2. Pretty funny that the OP posted an image of a ramar equipped with Lindcray yet they can't equip it, lol
  3. s>Tellusis 5/177/18/0

  4. Don't forget to use materials, makes a remarkable difference in damage. IIRC racast can safely use 115 pow mats.
  5. without donation or event mag this is still one of the best options to max your stats as a hucast. This mag equipped with a cent/arms gives you maxed luck and ata and atp -9. with two adepts equipped you'll have ata/luck/atp yellow. v101 + cent/arms also makes ata/luck/atp yellow.
  6. Max stat mag for hucast, ramar and maybe more classes. I want either 30pds or 5dts for each. --> 1 left
  7. B> dragon scale / de rol le shield

  8. PM or post offers here Tellusis 5/177/18/0 + twins (hucast and ramar maxed stat mag) Asteron Belt 30 native Diska of Braveman +9 0/35/0/45|40hit Diska of Braveman 0/0/30/35|40hit Earth Wand Brownie Crazy Tune Frozen Shooter 30 native 25hit Ophelie Seize 30/20/0/0|35hit Asteron Striker 15 machine Daylight Scar 20 beast 30 hit TypeSL/Saber +125 Kroes Sweater Virus Shield: Vol Opt Green Ring DF Shield Flowen Shield Honeycomb Reflector Elenor 5/145/50/0 + twins Parts of Baranz Wants: Dragon scales 1:2pd pds dts
  9. The angels and demons one was also really original. I feel they deserved it more than team rocket.
  10. I think there are people working on an entry right now, but to extend is unfair imo. 7pm is 7pm, there was more than enough time to submit something.
  11. Team name: Stormchasers Guildcards: -42156903 -42156904 -42160213 -42013778 Pic:
  12. Rude? FYI, 25pd is more than reasonable for stats like 5/175/20. I'd have to feed it almost 500 monomates between level 35-50 without one mistake or can start all over again.
  13. I can do it for you within 4 days for say... 25pd?
  14. S/T> kroes sweater 15pd or s-reds

  15. Thanks so much for the event cy and mio. To maintain such a level of dedication and effort on the day before xmas is absolutely amazing. I'm so happy with my 60 hit PR. Merry xmas!
  16. s> s-reds 7pd | kroes 7pd | noobhp 2 for 7pd | elenor 5/145/50/0 twins 7pd

    1. magictrick


      s> 10dt for 40pd

    2. Tro


      3pd for sreds all I have left lol

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