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  1. So I had another, more plausible idea, and that is more enemy part weapons/equips! I think the biggest thing against it would be general interest since most of the existing enemy weapons aren't that great. But I always thought it was kind of lame we got three booma claws but nothing from the evil shark, vulmer or Dimenian/Arlan lines. I don't think there are any enemy parts from ep4 even. Imagine a launcher made from a Zu's head or something. You could even make a sort of monster hunter week event out of it and toss in some unique boss drops for people to farm up. Maybe an olga flow barrier and matching armor to complete the set, or if you wanted to go overboard you could make units or something that would let us dress up as some of the cooler monsters/bosses even.
  2. Is this confirmed? Are miracles real? Because I want a master sword but joining other runs is nigh impossible.
  3. That involves taking up a character slot solely for mag feeding though, is all. As for skins, I meant so that everyone could see them. In theory you could retexture most weapons manually and it probably wouldn't look half bad, but that would require having a certain amount of know-how not just with the import/export program but with art design in general. Then once you get it all set up, it retextures all the guns, not just the one you have plus I'm not sure we can model swap on our own either. To give a more accurate example of what my idea is, I think the Ruby Bullet is a really cool looking gun but the heaven striker is better, however I think the heaven striker looks like butt. So ideally being able to convert the Ruby Bullet into a cosmetic item to make the Heaven Striker look like a ruby bullet while otherwise acting like the striker, would be awesome. Probably impossible to implement but never hurts to suggest I guess.
  4. I don't know if it's possible, but here's a simple thing that's been bugging me a bit. Could it be possible to make a "mag feeding" game mode or something where the shop will always sell appropriate feeding items? All the mono-di-tri and sol and moon atomizers in particular. Because it's kind of a pain to be needing, say, monomates and sol atomizers but none of my low level characters have both at the same time (plus sols are semi-rare in the shop anyway) and the higher level characters can't even buy mono fluids or mates. Having to switch back and forth gets especially frustrating when you're raising several at once. EDIT: I'm sure this one isn't possible, but would a weapon camouflage system be possible at all? PSO2 has items that reskin any weapon of that type, and in Guild Wars 2(a completely unrelated game) you can apply the skin of one item to another of the same slot. Inspired by this, I think it'd be cool if it were possible to sacrifice old weapons we have but think look cool, to turn into skins for newer, better weapons we have that might not look as cool. As someone above pointed out, some obsolete things look really awesome but there's just no reason to use them.
  5. I didn't realize it was 5x. I'm already like level 75 or something! Holy crap. I'll be 100 in no time.
  6. Does this stuff only drop on Ult? If so I'm gonna cry. Huge zelda nerd but I haven't been grinding enough to do ult yet.
  7. I love this artist so much. Have a picture of my cat. He is cute.
  8. Thanks for the greetings everyone! I'll never kick the habit. I get red box withdrawl. I don't remember what name I used there! So maybe, maybe not. Hello all the same though!
  9. I joined up today, realized how small the community is and figured I should drop in and say hello! I played PSO on every other platform back in the day and played it on SCHTHack a while back but forgot all my account info and recently couldn't register due to their site being broken or whatever when the age old PSO itch started to come back. So a friend pointed out that other servers do in fact exist and here I am, rather pleased to know this server exists. So nice to be here so far, hopefully I can get along with everyone!
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