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Status Updates posted by Starlord

  1. S> photon spheres 12dts each or for 12 new year cards. Pm me if interested 

  2. S> 650pds 8:1 pm me if interested 

  3. B> HUndred souls 100/0/100/0/80 or 0/0/100/100/80 60dts each. Pm me if interested in selling 

  4. S> Master sword set 100/0/100/0/80 0/100/0/100/80 . Pm me offers

  5. S> halo Rappy souls 6pds each, nakas card 40pds each, , limiter 15pds, psycho ravens 0/0/0/0/50 210pds, arrest needle 0/0/0/90/50 240pds. Pm me if interested 

  6. Happy birthday you Ultima team member.

  7. B> luck mats, hp mats, POW mats.

    s> halo Rappy souls 8pds each, , arrest needle 0/0/0/90/50, Arrest needle 100/0/100/0/80, arrest needle 0/100/0/100/80 Pm me for offers

    1. jezbuz


      How many Pow mats do you need? i think i have around 134, but i'll have to check to be sure.

  8. T> ARREST NEEDLE 100/0/100/0/80 & 0/100/0/100/80, asteron striker 40hit, +40dts for Sonic team Armor. Pm me if interested 

  9. B> Sonic team armor 200dts + 45hit asteron striker for it. Pm me if interested 

    1. chicanna


      i sell 1 for 300dts u add?

    2. Starlord


      I wouldn’t buy it for 300 out of event. Out of event most I would do is 250. Sorry :(

    3. chicanna


      u have yasminkov 9000 hit?

  10. S> halo Rappy souls 10pds, psycho ravens 0/0/0/0 70pds, sato 0/185/15/0 160pds. Pm me if interested or post here

  11. PB, if you still got it I’ll take it.

  12. S> 0/185/15/0 (hucast Max stat mag) SATO (black) 20dts or 160pds, MID WD 99pds. Pm me if interested 

  13. Happy birthday DANK queen

  14. Hating others until I die because love is overrated. 🐍🐍

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    2. JanenbaDMS
    3. Starlord


      @JanenbaDMS lmao good song. I’m guessing that was the follow up to hey there delilah XD poor guy

    4. bobshlibidich
  15. S> spread needle 0/0/0/40/35 80pds, slicer of fanatic 0/0/0/0/35 40pds, arrest needle 0/0/0/80/70 50dts, wedding dress (mid) 13dts, sato 0/185/15/0 (black) 20dts, 

    pm me if interested

  16. S> spread needle 0/0/0/40/35 85pds, slicer of fanatic 0/0/0/0/35 40pds, arrest needle 0/0/0/80/70 55dts. 

  17. B> stellar shard. Pm me

  18. S> PDS 99 for 15dts, 66pds for 10dts or 33pds for 5 dts. Pm me if interested

  19. What up dickcheese. I know you don’t play this anymore and I hope you’re doing well. But please for the love of Buddha’s buttcheeks tell me you have not turned to fortnite..

  20. S> Tsumikiri J sword. Pm me prices

  21. B> STA (Sonic team armor) 200dts (donation tickets)

  22. S> centurión arms 20pds, cent battle 198pds, soul booster 70pds, psycho black crystal 70pds, hylian shield 70pds. Pm me if you’re interested

  23. B> Hell suppressed gun 

  24. T> Soul booster X2 for Centurion battle.

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