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  1. gone for good i think

    its already gone to someone >_>
  2. gone for good i think

    hello all Most of you dont know me or the few that did most likely do not play anymore. But this is the official i done playing thread. Thank you Ultima especially larva for all the fun times ive had with the server. good and the bad lol take care and hope you all get the red boxes you're hunting for PSO2 gogogogo!
  3. equals?

    yea do it make things equal, might as well and while your at it do EP3
  4. equals?

    So i assume faltz is buffed up for this event? Because olga flo is buffed for this event. It would be only fair to buff faltz seeing that they both drop special items for this event and ep2 was buffed last year and never changed back so it is is nearly impossible to solo compared to Ep1 to solo. So for fairness they should either be both the buffed up versions or put olga back to normal stats. Its only ep2 nothing special about it ffs Figured i would QQ about this due to the BS on buffing olga flow
  5. wedding dress

    who said anything about giving it to pple i did not, i think what he said in the above post was sarcasm
  6. wedding dress

    yea that's what i thought when i was doing 160 runs... then after you ask a ton of questions you find out it wasn't working at all, and you realize you have wasted 90 ish hours for nothing, pretty hard to swallow imo I do think its weird that the dress was implemented in august and just now it gets figured out its not working lol XD I'm not asking for anything and i wouldn't get it anyways =P
  7. wedding dress

    k call me sherlock for poking around askin questions.... sucks i have wasted 160 ish runs of that fucking thing and it wasnt possible to drop... awesome awesome awesome
  8. wedding dress

  9. wedding dress

    i talked to DJ about this and he talked with larva. He said he was goin to check if the drop was working, but i havent heard yet about what he found.
  10. wedding dress

    interesting >_> thanks for the reply
  11. wedding dress

    hello fellow Whitil players. Figured i would post somthing about this to see who has gotten the wedding dress to drop off Epsilon. I dunno if my luck is shit or what? Im around the 140 ish mark with 3x drop rate and have not seen it. Lemme know if you have gotten one from Epsilon as a Whitil ID.
  12. December Long Event.

    lmao wow but anyways my question still stands and i was getting all excited too
  13. December Long Event.

    What are the drop rates on the items? or is that a secret?
  14. Another common bank error

    Just posting this for a roll back on my 2 accounts for the bank glitch Chillys GC# 42007652 Epics GC# 42010012 roll back to july 12th around 1pm central time please I know at that time, my bank had its items in it.