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  1. uncutdank420

    B> PGF

    If anyone has one or knows a friend with one they want to sell please PM me or something!
  2. they sold for 10-15 DTs during the event when they could be found lol
  3. maybe so, u can farm PBC but cant farm POST so id think post is more expensive as the only way to get it is trade. inbox me and we can do it. just trying to get me a pbc so 10 dts should make that happen
  4. once i sell post and get DT's ill buy it for sure
  5. happy bday Dank!!! come back and play soon bro

  6. ya didnt realize yesterday was monday and not tuesday LMAO i sent a request i sent a friend request to you! guess you havent been on yet
  7. Dank Daddy420 is my characters names i can meet u in a block somewhere real quick
  8. tried both because it came up on neither dont forget maintenance tonight in 2 hours
  9. done deal copied it and didnt find you...
  10. im on now Dank Daddy420 after this fq ill add you sent request
  11. yes ship 02 UR is the english speaking ship . thats the one i play on leveling different classes atm and my hero is is lv 70 so i can run any difficulty with people
  12. i said hardees but thats at brookville cvs and gas station is at washington my bad
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