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  1. Trade successful. Thanks a lot!
  2. Thanks! Not sure why re Discord. I added yours from your profile and it looks like it sent.
  3. How much for 1 of each of the following? (According to your list, 20 PDs, but I ask in case you offer a package discount ). I'm on now and will be for the next few hours. Otherwise, I can get on just about anytime in the next 8 hours. Contacting me through Discord is the best for me: Rick#5488 Slicer of Fanatic 35 0 0 45 Glide Divine v.00 0 0 40 60 Godrics Cloak V101
  4. Sup! After looking through the original handbook and multiple keyboard-layout-type topics, I still haven't found out how to do the following in BB. How are they done? - 360° Camera Change Equivalent to the C-Joystick on the Gamecube controller, from what I remember, it would let me incrementally adjust the camera in the game and during character creation. Not just the rear-camera-snap caused by pressing the arrow-up (default). - Map Overlay Probably best described with a picture of what I mean (below or attached), I'd like to view the big map in the middle of the screen. --video credit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=37blZbS-_Io&t=3329s Please let me know if I should expand on my question/description. Thanks in advance!
  5. Sup! A few weeks ago I got the urge to play PSO again and am very glad to have found this server. The boosted experience rate feels more balanced to me (memories of level grinding ... ) and more rare enemies is also exciting. Turns out I joined during the Valentine's Event, which seems to have boosted both (?) even more. If so, I'm grateful for the even better starting boost. I'm currently funemployed so I expect to be on a lot over the next few months. It was my decision to quit my job to take a break and relax for a few months. So far, PSO is helping 😉 . I played a lot on the Gamecube for years, never online, but with friends and my cousin who is also on Ultima. It's probably been 10+ years since I've played PSO and am surprised at the stuff I forgot (my mag was starving for the first 20+ hours 😜 ). Being blocked from viewing some forum posts and wanting to trade got me to finally create a forum account and post here ☺️. I've slowly been going through the intro topics and find them helpful. Currently characters are a 100+ lvl FOmar, 70+ HUne, 50+ RAmarl. My 4th will probably be a HUcast. Thanks for keeping the server active. I'm looking forward to being more active in the forums, trading, and playing with yall!
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