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  1. Ultimate 1 Ruins Greenill Dark Falz Cent/battle
  2. Ultimate 1 ruins Skyly Bulk Zanbacon
  3. ep4-green-goran-ULT>cent/TP
  4. How much for 2x cent/body and cent resist?
  5. Ultimate 1 Mines Greenill Baranz Harmonic Resonance Core
  6. Ultimate 1 Mines Greenill Vol Opt ver. 2 Virus Shield: Vol Opt
  7. Hey just saw this apologies. i actually ended up getting both in another trade i did so i do not need them anymore thank you and sorry for not informing you sooner.
  8. Sounds good let me know when you are on and we can
  9. is it the same person for both accounts? or did you mean to post on mine?
  10. I'm good now if you have some time.
  11. Sweet I'll take it would you be available in a few hours? (3-4)
  12. Thanks man maybe it's the missing sleep but I did not even compute that until you spelled it out so I appreciate it. (Legit spent like 2-3 hours of my 12 hour workday looking this up)
  13. If still available: arrest needle 45 0 45 0 50 89x photon drops pm'd price
  14. I appreciate the response as far as ATP and ATA that's fine but I was meaning hit% with specials like hell and arrest since you can add it to s rank needle (i realize i didn't make that clear in my question so apologies). Wasn't sure if there was anywhere where someone did the comparison of hit rates of like arrest needle with 80 hit vs arrest ES needle (since you cant add hit) or not but regardless seems like ill want an arrest needle.
  15. TLDR: Arrest needle vs arrest s-rank needle? cant seem to find a good comparison on arrest needle made with proof of sonic (i found spread needle) vs srank needle with arrest. any help would be appreciated. thanks. RAcast build
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