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  1. Tradeing for rr for x14 or selling it for 70pd
  2. kat2388


    I have nyc cards to trade u if need
  3. I will like to buy Proof of Sword-Saint
  4. How much sealed j sword
  5. PM me I have a hblind shield for trade for darkflow sword
  6. Oops meat to pm u sorry bro
  7. Hi radezz
  8. kat2388


    I just the rr is sold poke sophia
  9. kat2388

    S> Mats

    Need 2stack pow mats
  10. kat2388


    How much for the orb Pm me when u get online
  11. kat2388


    PM me when u are on
  12. kat2388


    Bro i have those on want list
  13. Kajex can u change my appance on kat make her for those new year cards
  14. kat2388

    silv trades

    SPREAD NEEDLE [20/0/35/0|40] how much for the soul booster how much o have a trade list twopm me Plus i will the pow mats two Want the pow mats
  15. kat2388


    How much u want for the crimison sword
  16. Save that RR zerk i be buying ot next week
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