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  1. Can't put it in the bank or i get this error every time. http://postimg.org/image/h6wpbzo01/f8baac9e/
  2. Thanks. As a follow up, would you say a 0/0/0/0/45 Asteron Striker is worth that?
  3. What are DTS and what do i do with them/ where do i use them (also how much is one worth in PDs)
  4. I guess i got really lucky then. Oran is my main char's ID.
  5. Sta drops from sham right? Also what id? (I was told it was oran.) And if anyone knows the drop rate, i'd like that too.
  6. yea i love bacon but ive had enough of the sword to last me 5 lifetimes
  7. I'm not saying we should completely eliminate them from the server, but the difficulty in which they drop should be changed to normal or hard, and the drop rate should be changed. Quite sick of running the forest once and getting enough zan's to fill my inventory alone. its ridiculous. maybe, set it to hard, and the drop rate 1/30 or something? that sounds better. I'm pretty sure everyone agrees with me (on ultimate) that the dropping of zanbeacon's almost every single kill wasn't the best idea. Can it be changed? http://imgur.com/Csdzki6 A picture of them on the ground. I've only killed 6
  8. im not quite sure what to do about this but its irratating the hell out of me. ive been working vigorously to level up and a rollback is sure as F going to help me level up
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