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  1. S> Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/35/30

  2. S> Psycho Black Crystal

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    2. NightGen16
    3. tablecoaster


      are you tied to PDs or would you be willing to name a DT price

    4. NightGen16


      im kinda tied to pds this time around :L

  3. trade pds for dts

    1. SelahIsASpot


      No, how many u have though?

    2. NightGen16


      i have like 3 stacks of 99 pds

  4. S> Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/35/30

    1. SelahIsASpot


      i have a most likely empty jimmy johns card ill give u for it.

    2. NightGen16
  5. B> magic heart key


  6. Updated my shop so go look at it and hit them dms 

  7. B> Heart Keys Still

  8. B> Magic Rock Heart Key

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    2. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      For helping me out so much before , its the least I could dew.

    3. NightGen16


      lol word thanks im in lobby if your on you dont owe me though just saying but cant deny the offer :P

    4. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      I saw you on Megaman, I am in the lobby now.

  9. drop that keyblade and i'll make my return
  10. Y'all trash B)

    1. SelahIsASpot


      Speakin of trash, when are u comin back soft boy?

    2. Wayne Jones
  11. Yall please take these ideas into consideration.
  12. i think we should implement something that drops from ogla year round that is at least on the same if not slightly higher value than a RR because at this point RR is just dropping like flies because that is the only decent item that is hunt-able year round. Not only so, all I see is people running TTF that's practically it. And nerfing may be a good idea because the game is becoming too easy because the new weapons are fun to use but making all the creatures pointless to fight until you get to a boss really. Or adding back crack mode will work. definitely better drops or rewards should be on crack mode if anything to add to my last ideas
  13. Return of the God

    1. MadOrNah


      Where is he/she?

    2. NightGen16
    3. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      the gods of sofTnesS has return :""L

      Edited by Wayne Jones
  14. Syn's Return

    Return of the gods lmao.
  15. T> 99pds for 15 DTs

  16. 5x Exp

    I'm just wondering why there is no 5x experience this year. This is the first Christmas Event without it at least once not even during a single weekend. What's up with that.
  17. 5x Exp

    oh okay cool thanks man
  18. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    Sorry @Chriscal lol the fact that it's 1 and something means there will always be a chance of luck and a chance of it to drop so either way it's available to all. Everyone has a chance of it dropping lol. If you decide to not play during the entire event that's the only way you don't have a chance of it dropping. Even if you did 1 run you might magically see a red box. Might be a pd though lol
  19. The PGF rate is ridiculous

    Everyone got bars tonight lol