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  1. Bye Dude I Had Fun Playin Good Luck Anyways Have Fun And We Will Always Miss You
  2. Just Going Offline For A Week Or More Spending Vacation In Orlando Florida
  3. He Is Telling The Truth He Sold Me Stuff
  4. Hey Can A Gm Locked This It Was Just My Laptop
  5. So I Was Changing My npc Forgeting About The Npc Glitch I Did It The Invisible Thin Happended I Tried Everything Npc 0 Dressing Room F11 And All That This Happended On 12:40 Server Time Please Help Me Slot 1
  6. Lol Will Anyone by My 2 Cents Im Desprate For Pds

  7. Today Is My Real Birthday (Not Server Birthday)

    1. OMEGA9988


      happy birthday

    2. Sergio2kx


      feliz cumpleaños

    3. ajernaca


      Thanks lol

  8. Nah But Ill Double Check
  9. No Items Are Bug I Just Cant Get Far In A Game
  10. Well I Joined A Game With Tank And The First Time I Tried Using A Warp And It Disconnected Me So I thought This Was Normal The Second Time I Thought it is a bug. Well Is A Pic. Also It happened On April 27,2012 6:32 Server Time http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/214/psobbpicture.jpg/ Sorry I Forgot How To Directly Upload It Anyways Gc:42016670 Slot: 3
  11. Whos up for the server anyone know when it gonna be on?

  12. Well split your good stuff on top bad stuff on bottom
  13. When Is Larva On Uhhhhhhh:(

  14. Well Im Saying That It Might Be Easier Just To Do A Party Where People Request Something
  15. When Will Larva Get On =(

  16. When Will Larva Get On =(

  17. The Only Reason I Dont Like This Event Is The New Players Dont Even Have A Chance
  18. As I see it new people are coming and my best freind ozzy is leaving and my other best freind yuki might leave too well soo long as a new age comes ultima will keep on growing good luck to all
  19. I say in honor of ozzy. Bun Niyuki And Me And Any Other Person Who Wants To Join Will RAIGERAIGERAIGERAIGE This Will Start On Saterday 3:00 Server Time Message Here If Your In
  20. You cant Leave No Please Me You Niyuki And Bun We RAIGE RAIGE RAIGE RAIGE RAIGE Please Dont Leave Ever
  21. Yes Zeph

    1. ajernaca


      So Anyone Gonna Guess

  22. I Bet No One Can Guess My Real Age!!!!!!!

    1. Zeph


      Guessing it's not the age that's listed in your profile?

  23. Lol Thats Not My Real Age To Be Honest Trollololol

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