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  2. Hi, I'll take the twin blaze for 3 pd if its available?
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  5. if i were you i would be doing ttf to gain more levels. i would name my rooms "ttf help" and get help from the other players. after a few games someone will probly ask you about your gear and try to help you out here and there. once you get to lv 90 you can play on ultimate and once you get to 100 you can play in episode 2. in ep 2 a quest that we run a lot is called CCA (its not really a quest but a really short area, the boss is very easy to get to) we just boss rush for exp and restart. i would do that until 200. then i would play the game. unless they turn x5 off. the exp usually is x3 or x2 past lv 165 so i hope you get to lv200 before it ends!! i know that seems like a far away goal but all u really need are RA lv 200 mag frozen shooter with 30 or more hit mech guns for damage (if you cant fill this slot just keep using frozen shooter) cannon rouge any stats (only normal attack will hit, heavy attack will always miss the boss) you could actually cca with just these things thought theres a lot you could do to improve it but that could get you to lv 200 very quickly, couple days of grinding. once you get to ultimate tho you can look at the drop charts and start hunting for gear. your section ID will determin what items drop and in what areas. also these drops wont always be accurate durring events (now is triforce halloween is coming soon) durring an event the drop charts will be somewhat innaccurate because the mosters could be dropping event items (which is not a bad thing usually!!) good luck out there!
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