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I keep crashing.

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I can't play the game for more than half an hour without crashing. 

Saw another post talking about DEP but I'm on windows 11 and cannot find that setting anywhere.


System is

win 11 pro

64 bit os



no matter what i change the settings to i still crash. really sucks as i've been itching to get back into this game and server.


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Hello I Hope This Helps, With Widows 10 or11 I Have To Run The Game Compatible With Windows 7. I Have Windows 10 & That Works Best.

Maybe It Will Work For You Too.


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Thank you both for the responses.


I have tried running it fullscreen and in windowed mode with no luck.

Also tried running it in compatibility for win 7

Would reinstalling work?


Forest 1 seems to be fine

Forest 2 is crash right before the area leading to dragon

Caves is crash as soon as enemies spawn


Sometimes it just crashes though at random things.


Haven't tried anything else.

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34 minutes ago, rarefeline said:

Nope. Reinstalled and same issue.

Crashes with no warnings. 

Do you use any kind of antivirus? Make sure that you make exceptions for Ultima (on W. defender as well)


Having the screen resolution that matches your computer may help too. In the past I've had crashes for using funny resolution settings.

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