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Retrieval > Lost VJAYA (EVENT)


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Could you help me? I hit my head while hunting on Ragol, got taken to the infirmary, and now I can't seem to find my VJAYA. Idk where I lost it or what stats it has 😅. Sorry I'm really not much help, but if you bring it to me I'm sure I'll recognize it!



11 people have signed up so far!!



Sign ups end in !!!

Sign up price is 3pds! (I'll go broke if I front the whole prize by myself)

To enter you can message me on discord at: toiletman74 (prefered) or you can message me here on the forums to set up a time to meet and pick up your entry fee


The event begins as soon as the sign up timer reaches 0!



After sign ups end there will be 72 hours where you will hunt VJAYA. Whoever shows me the highest HIT% VJAYA they can find wins PD = HIT%!

-The entry price must be received before the timer above reaches 0. (if you need to you can have someone else pay for your entry if your not on around the times that I'm on)

-You cannot enter a VJAYA that was not found within the 72 hour period.

-Ties will be decided by whoever reported the VJAYA to me first (so get em in fast!)

-You get to keep the VJAYA (or if you wanna donate it I'll raffle it off to the people who didn't win)

-Send a screen shot of the untekked VJAYA to me either in a message here on the forums or on discord (toiletman74)


I'll add a leader board when the event starts so we can keep track of who's in the lead and how much HIT% you should be gunning for.


Happy hunting!


In the future I'd like to have prizes for 2nd(PD = 1/2 HIT%), 3rd(PD = 1/4 HIT%), and 4th(PD = 1/4 HIT%) but unfortunately I don't really know how many people are going to register for the event and I don't have the pds myself to afford that many prizes lol


Leaderboard! (I'll keep this updated as submissions get sent in)


1st place: @CapT kIDD with a 50 hit VJAYA!

2nd place: @Notawakejake with a 40 hit VJAYA.

3rd place: @Crank & @toiletman with 35 hit VJAYAs



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23 hours ago, Alexen3416 said:

Where do I sign up?


Just shoot me a message on here or on discord : toiletman74 so that we can set up a time to meet and receive the entry fee

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  • toiletman changed the title to Retrieval > Lost VJAYA (EVENT)

I like the idea behind this! I hope it works relatively well. All the best to all involved!

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38 minutes ago, JeevesMagus said:

Take away the needs to pay to play then this could be a fun thing to do.  

I ain't a mod I'll go broke if I pay for the prize by myself 😅

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