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Easiest ways to max EDK / Dark Resistance to 100

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Hello, and thank you to any great answers in advance. I'm attempting to maximize my EDK resistance in a realistic way that does not take two hundred, or "illegal" items. Mine is currently at sixty, and I'd love any real pointers to obtaining this. Thank you, and I greatly appreciate your help. 

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Hello, it may be better if you tell us which kind of equipment you have at your disposal cause otherwise it is hard to tell, since simply wearing STA and Cent/Res will cover you res needs, so you probably need different advice.

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Cheaper ways:

For MALE Char
It depends on what your current character is in the game. for male characters it has the "Dress Plate" armor that gives you a very high resistance to "Dark". Her defense is really bad. however.. in addition to the high resistance to dark, it does not require any level to equip it.

All chars Lv80:
Anti Dark Ring, with this shield equippable at level 80 you will have +60 resistance against dark.

Gratia (Shield for casts Lv.101 req.): All resists = 34/34/34/24/24 (dark24)
Three Seals (Shield for FOrces lv.33 req.): All resists = 33 (dark 33)
Ylvis Custume (Red Ring [need lv150]+ some "Halo Rappy Souls") Resists = 30/20/30/25/0
Centurion/Resist a non very expensive unit that give u All resists +15
Adept "Adept" is not focused on resistance but adds shield, armor and other resistance units along with the perks of improving stat and ATA. It's a unit I highly recommend, even better if you can use techs. Because it reduces 25% of spending to use tech.

And theres some another equipments that u can use too.

Not counting something so obvious the best armor in the game STA that gives you an insane +80 resistance in everything. But very expensive.

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units - divine protection 20 Edk/Elt . not sure this rotates with beat time

            Centurion/resist     +15  all

            Resist/Devil           15 Edk



Depends male/female

Armour - Sonic team    80 Edk

               Kroes              40 Edk

               Wedding dress  34 Edk

               Dress plate       70 Edk


Shields       Three seals  33 Edk

                   From the depths  28 Edk

                   Ylvis costume     25 Edk

                   Rupika                25 Edk

                   Anti dark ring   60 Edk

                   Gratia                  24 Edk

                  Hylian Shield             35 Edk



 This is what i can think of equipment wise , but in all honesty 100 EDK is not needed  88 Edk should be plenty. You are only going to stop del lilly , ob lilly , ill gil reaper  and traps not sure what traps resist is.


You wont stop mericarol and co , nor purple epslion they will still own you .


As for del lilly and ob lilly , these are easily taken care of with range or stand next to one so it starts peck attack and attack the furthest to stop casting happening.


All it does having 100  Edk is teaching you how to be a lazy player no thought or tactics




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