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Hi everyone, got some stuff for sale :) 

  • Wants

Serene Swan with hit
Master Raven with hit
Sonic Team Armor
Cannon Rouge High Stats High Hit


  • Weapons

Vjaja (0/0/35/0/30)
Heaven Punisher (30/30/0/30)
Diska Of Bravemen (0/0/50/35/30)
Diska Of Bravemen (0/0/0/40/35)
Spread Needle (0/25/30/35)
Sacred Bow (0/25/0/45)
Master Sword (100/0/0/0)
Serene Swan (0/0/0/25)

Sword Of Ultima (50/0/0/30/35) --> Sold
Lame D'argent (0/0/0/0) (1000 kills?)
Vivienne (45/0/0/0/40)
Heaven Striker (0/35/25/0)
Ultima Reaper (15/0/0/0)

Nug2000-Bazooka (0/0/0/0/60)
L&K38 Combat (35/0/0/35) Mini Gun 😛 
Macho Blades (0/0/0/0) —> sold


  • Shields

Anti Dark Ring
Rico's Glasses
Rico's Earring
Hylian Shield
Ganondorf Shield
Red Ring —> sold


  • Units

Adept —> sold
Centurion Ability
Centurion Power
Centurion Battle —> sold


  • Mags

Lv 200. Sato (10/0/140/50)


  • Techs

Resta 30
Jellen 30


  • Materials

Defend Materials 80x
Mind Materials 40x


  • Misc

Sinow Berrill's Arms
S-Red's Arms
Magic Rock ''Moola''

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