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Hello to everyone I want to reduce myself I would say 4 years ago I joined a server and I was having fun  And having fun with other people but unfortunately my bipolar got The Best of Me


I lost my jobThen 4 months later found out to have surgery in order to keep living and tried to keep playing on the server  But the depression got worse and made a so me and my teammates separated


I would like to right now apologize to any Members of my old team that I may have wronged or my depression rubbed the wrong way


I am asking to please give me a second chance to show that I was not the person I used to be I finally got the Help from a doctor's and my friends in game now my bipolar and depression under contro lAnd let the come back and play with all my friends that I made my 1st came to server


So I  ask you please give me a second chanceTo show the I'm a good person thank you

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