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So, as im sure a bunch of yall already know im doing a tiny rt contest thingy.
Rules are:
DUO RT only
Must be on ultima server
Uses in game timer from quest start to the moment the "pgf"drops (or whatever oga decides to fork over)
No weapons unobtainable to the public (DM for hucast, etc)
MUST be duo, no solo

The winning peoples will each receive a stack of pds from mr sock himself

My hope with this event is to try and encourage two things: 1, good players to still choose to play the easier of the pgf hunts, to potentially help out newer players. 2, encourage the newer players to also want to go zoom

I chose duo because, well lets be honest the DAR. I figure its still worth a run even if ya carry someone with a duo drop rate rather than a 4 man.

so far the submissions have been posted in sockland discord here: https://discord.gg/gRh7GZhuZ2

but feel free to post your submissions here also. I will post the winning times from the discord here also :x

Once again this is a smol time thing. If the reward isnt exactly appealing to whoever may be reading this, then i ask you to not go too hard with a submission. I'd kinda like the reward to go to a group of players whom would actually benefit from the pds :x Feel free to submit a submission and withdraw from the prize tho if you dont want the pds. I think that made sense? lol Just dont want the pds to go to waste.

Hopefully this can be a nice way to have some speedrun fun while STILL hunting the event item :x

Good luck yall :D

@jdhenry124 i deeed it :D



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5 hours ago, applesaucin said:

so far the submissions have been posted in sockland discord here: https://discord.gg/gRh7GZhuZ2



Discord! D:< :onion-head28: 




Never! Not ready Dx  :onion-head48:



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