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4 minutes ago, Unknown said:

You still there? I can get on

Let's go

room up

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21 minutes ago, Omegalo said:

Hello, peux-tu me garder ton Lindcray 80h et ton Glide Divine stp ? 


On se voit ce soir si t'es dispo :cr-magic-right::cr-magic-left:

Coucoi !

ça roule

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7 hours ago, Seras said:

Hey, would I be able to get the Glide divine v.00 and a proof of sonic team?

Hey, sure, let me know when you're available 

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On 10/15/2020 at 11:37 PM, JupiterDeMars said:

Rambling May [0/0/0/50|40]             40 PDs

Rambling May +49 [40/25/0/0|45]    45 PDs

Hello, je vais te prendre ces deux stp 😁

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