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Farming Hallo Rappy

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This is how I do it.

  1.  Start ep2 game
  2. Go to temple.  It has 2 maps.
    1. If the first room after the warp room is open to the sky, clear it and the next room.
    2. If it is not, go north into the hallway, kill 2 rappies, then back. Go east into room with tower in center kill 2 rappies, then go north and kill 3 rappies.
  3. Return to pioneer2 and start government quest 5-1(?).  It should have the same map as 2 did, clear those same rooms and lobby.


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3 minutes ago, NaeZoPlayPSO said:

so piping back to the same room doesnt, like on gc, resets the ennemies ?

It only resets enemy hp, they will not go from being normal to rare or vise versa.

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