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Ultimate Beginner Playthrough?


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A little starting guide that could help:


I would just suggest going to episode 1 normal and going to the forest then doing a quest after that.

And if you need anymore guides try looking at the helpful guides sub forum:


pso-world is also a great resource for most items as well. Good Luck!

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Hunt a bunch of photon crystal EP4 normal or hard mode, rare mobs like PAZUZU, DEL RAPPY, DORPHON ECLAIR and MERISSA AA, its a fairly easy item, the go to one person mode in normal and try to complete Black Paper Deal 1 or 2, do not die or quest is over, if you're a ranger complete ZU route in hard mode, ZU route for hunters in normal mode, rappy route for FO in very hard, and black paper deal 2 in Hard mode, drops nice items like master raven, last swan, cent ability, shouren, etc.

heres the quest reward list. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/special-quests/

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Play for a bit doing anything that looks interesting, explore the different options and find things you like to do.  While doing so look for people in the community that you get along with and join up with them to do things.  The game is very much community based and the faster you can get involved and integrated the more fun you'll have.

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